Qiannan Climate

Qiannan prefecture enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate, temperate and humid, with an annual average temperature of 13.6-19.6℃. It has neither severe cold in winter nor intense heat in summer. The rainy season and high temperature occur in summer. 

Weather Features

The climate of Qiannan prefecture is diverse with obvious regional and vertical differences, and has the highland mountainous area climate feature and change rule. Located in the east Asian monsoon region, the autonomous prefecture is the closest area to the sea in Guizhou province. It is affected by warm and humid air currents from the ocean for most of the year. As a result of the monsoon activity, the temperature of Qiannan prefecture in four seasons changes greatly, presenting the plateau weather characteristics of sudden cooling and heating. At the end of autumn every year, a strong cold air often intrudes and makes the temperature drop sharply; At the end of winter, the strong southwest warm current moves northward, which significantly increases the temperature throughout the prefecture. Although the autonomous prefecture is located in the plateau, it is rich in heat because of its low latitude and relatively close distance to the sea.

Temperature and Precipitation

The average frost-free period in Qiannan prefecture is 292 days, and in most of the areas, the daily illumination is about 30%. Annual average temperature is 13.6℃-19.6℃, increasing gradually from north to south, from west to east. Qiannan prefecture is one of the rainiest areas in Guizhou province, with annual precipitation of more than 1200 mm.

Tips for Qiannan Climate

Tourist Season

Qiannan prefecture has a subtropical monsoon humid climate. It has abundant heat and annual accumulated temperature of 4500-6500 degrees; Sufficient sunshine and the average sunshine hours of 1000-1500 hours; Adequate rainfall and an average annual rainfall of 1100-1400 mm.

Therefore, it is appropriate to travel to Qiannan Prefecture all the year round. And if it comes to the Spring Festival, it is even more lively, every family, men and women, old and young, sing and dance. If you choose to travel to Qiannan at this time, you can not only have a full view of the beautiful natural scenery, but also enjoy the unique cultural customs of ethnic minorities. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Best Time to Travel

Although Qiannan travel is possible throughout the year, June to August has the most beautiful natural scenery. So the best time to visit Qiannan is June to August. 

Packing Tips

1. Located on the plateau, the temperature difference in Qiannan prefecture is large from daytime to night. When travelling, you'd better to bring the long-sleeve clothes or coat, in case you catch a cold in the morning and evening. 

2. From June to August, the highest temperature in Qiannan can reach 34℃. However, due to its location, the weather changes a lot in daytime and at night. The sunshine is strong at noon, you'd better bring the sunscreen products like sun cream, sunhat. 

3. Many scenic spots in Qiannan prefecture are in mountainous areas, so you are supposed to wear sneakers or climbing shoes, which are convenient for walking. 

4. Affected by monsoon, warm and cold air currents meet frequently. Do not forget to bring rain gears like umbrella and raincoat. 

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