Qiannan Shopping

Once you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Qiannan, don't forget to select some souvenirs for your family and friends. In Qiannan, you will enjoy the tea and rice wine, and find many local handicrafts as well. 

What to Buy in Qiannan

Libo county is the most popular tourist destination in Qiannan prefecture. The handicraft products of Libo county mainly include weaving cloth, dyeing cloth and embroidery(horsetail embroidery, tie-dyeing, batik, overlapping dyeing, homespun cloth, etc). In recent years, Libo has also developed some tourism specialties, such as Zhangjiang river fish, Yaoshan duck, Kiwi dried fruit and other products, which are sold in local specialty shops.

Guiding Snow Bud(贵定雪芽)

Guiding snow bud is produced in the Yunwu lake at the foot of Yunwu mountain in Guiding of Guizhou. Each year, people pick the new buds from tea garden. One bud and one leaf are picked as raw materials, which are made by killing out, rolling, trimming, tipping and curing. The shape of the snow buds is curled like a snail. The color is emerald green, the fragrant of tea lasts long, and it taste fresh and sweet aftertaste. 

Cloud and Mist Tribute Tea(贵定云雾贡茶)

Cloud and Mist Tribute Tea takes the fresh leaves of Wuwang tea variety and other excellent tea varieties grown in Guiding County as raw material, is a special green tea made according to the Cloud and Mist Tribute Tea processing technology. It has the elegant quality of "tight, fine, curly, even, green, fragrant, fresh and bright", refreshing, endless aftertaste, and is good for health.

Black Glutinous Rice Wine(黑糯米酒)

Black glutinous rice wine is different other wines. It is a low-alcohol wine made with local Miao's black glutinous rice, and brewed with the Miao's ancient method passed down from generation to generation. This wine is crystal and transparent with elegant and pleasant aroma, and it tastes sweet, sour and refreshing, mellow and sweet. It contains protein, a variety of amino acids, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, a variety of vitamins and other nutrients. It has the functions of warming the spleen and stomach, tonifying the kidney and blacking hair, etc. It is not only tonic wine but also medicinal wine.

Horsetail Embroidery of Shui Minority(荔波水族马尾绣)

It is the "living fossil" of the ancient embroidery art of China's ethnic minorities. Shui people have distinctive embroidery art and various kinds of embroideries, including plain embroidery, horsetail embroidery, hollow embroidery, couching embroidery and so on. But in these embroideries, due to peculiar materials, complex embroider work and exquisite production, coupled with distinctive embroidery technology, horsetail embroidery is passed down extensively in Shui minority folk from generation to generation.

Fulai Ganquan Liquor(福来甘泉白酒)

Fulai Ganquan liquor is produced in Fuquan city of Guizhou province. Fuquan, known as "Pingyue" in ancient times, is located in the mountainous and hilly areas of Guizhou's central hinderland, enjoying a subtropical monsoon climate with abundant heat, rainfall and long frost-free period. Two crops a year provide ample food materials for liquor making. Fuquan has a long history of liquor brewing. Fulai Ganquan Liquor is famous locally. 

Where to Buy in Qiannan

The Shiban street(石板街) in Duyun downtown is located on the slope of the middle section of Guanghui road. There are still a few shops in the street selling minority handicrafts, such as cloth baskets, bags and batiks. In Duyun city, there are Fuwanjia shopping square, Binlong supermarket, Hao You Duo shopping square, Guanghui international shopping mall, Zhejiang Lugu shopping, Jinqilin shopping square and other large supermarkets. There is a local specialty counter in the supermarkets, selling Duyun Maojian tea, Duyun red acid, bacon, sausage and other famous and excellent Duyun goods.

1. Binlong Shopping Center(宾隆购物中心)
Address: No.38, Wenfeng Road, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市文峰路38号
Tel: 0854-8196555

2. Hao You Duo Shopping Square(好又多购物广场)
Address: No.56, Jianjiang Middle Road, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市剑江中路56号
Tel: 0854-7112999

3. Fu Wan Jia Shopping Square(富万家购物广场)
Address: B1 Floor, Renmin Square, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市人民广场B1层
Tel: 0854-8370000/0854-8260222

4. Fu Jia Le(福家乐购物)
Address: Changzheng Road, Yuping Sub-district, Libo County, Qiannan黔南州荔波县玉屏街道长征路
Tel: 13765771170

5. Century Hualian Shopping Square(世纪华联购物广场)
Address: Fortune Plaza, Wenming Road, Libo County, Qiannan黔南州荔波县文明路财富广场

6. Fu Wan Jia Shopping Square(富万家购物广场)
Address: Shangmao Road, Sandu County, Qiannan黔南州三都水族自治县商贸路
Tel: 0854-3028930 15085147372

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