Qiannan Dining

When you are in Qiannan, in addition to enjoying beautiful scenery, do not miss the delicious food there. Local food and snacks in Qiannan include Jianfen(Shear Rice Noodle, 剪粉), colored glutinous rice(五色花米饭), bean curd pudding rice noodle and beef offal hotpot, etc. 

What to Eat in Qiannan

Guizhou Jianfen(贵州剪粉)

Guizhou Jianfen have family or manual workshop production all over the Guizhou Province, is a pure green snacks made by hand. The production material is rice, processed into smooth and delicious rice noodles with supplementary materials, then it can be eaten. Because of its unique flavor of sour, spicy, refreshing, soft, tasty and appetizing, Jianfen attracts people's appetite, favored by local people. 

Colored Glutinous Rice(五色花米饭)

Colored Glutinous Rice is the patent product of Buyi people. Rice is dyed into bright colors, endowing it with endless poetic and romantic atmosphere. The process of making Colored Glutinous Rice is very complicated. First of all, the good glutinous rice is washed and dried. In the meantime, Buyi people go to the mountains to pick various kinds of plants beneficial to the body and boiled them into red, yellow, blue, orange, black and other colors. Then soaking the cleaned glutinous rice in various plant dyes until various bright colors deeply permeated the rice, finally washing and steaming the rice. 

Salted Pickle Vegetable(独山盐酸菜)

Dushan Salted Pickle Vegetable is one of the eight famous pickles in China. It is widespread popular with its unique flavor of sour, spicy, sweet and salty, and enjoys a good reputation. One of the important raw materials of Dushan Salted Pickle Vegetable is Dushan pepper, which is processed into powder, supplemented by green vegetables, sweet glutinous rice wine, rock candy, liquor and a small amount of soda. It is rich in protein and vitamin C. Dushan Salted Pickle Vegetable can be used as a side dish for meals or the supplementary materials of cooking. It can be used for cooking fresh fish, salt dish meat, fry minced meat and so on, its unique flavor can trigger appetite.

Douhua(bean curd pudding) Rice Noodle(豆花粉)

Douhua Rice Noodle has a history of 100 years. The key to the taste of Douhua Rice Noodle lies in the diced meat. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Douhua Rice Noodle was a vegetarian diet, which was later improved, and diced meat was added. Except for diced meat, other supplementary materials include fried peanut, pepper, soy sauce, MSG, scallion, ginger, coriander and other spices. Cooking rice noodle is also particular, it is usually cooked with soybean milk for fresh taste. 

Beef Offal Hotpot(牛杂火锅)

"Mix" is the prominent feature of beef offal hotpot. Beef offal hotpot uses not only mixed raw materials, but also mixed burdening and dipping sauces. except beef, intestines and lung, stomach, heart, tongue, brain, cowhells etc., are the raw materials of beef offal hotpot, and then matched with a variety of spices carefully boiled numb, spicy, hot, sour hot pot soup, delicious and mellow. 

Where to Eat in Qiannan

In Qiannan prefecture, there are many restaurants, where you can enjoy the local dishes and snacks. 

1. Aunt Xiao Snack(肖姨妈小吃)
Address: Shiban Street, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市石板街
Tel: 13508504418

2. Salted Pickle Vegetable Exclusive Shop(独山盐酸菜专卖店)
Address: The Crossroad of Wenhua Road and Wenfeng Road, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市文化路与文峰路交叉口
Tel: 13885475889

3. Sunji Beef Offal House(孙记牛杂馆)
Address: Xinhua Road, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市新华路
Tel: 13508505674

4. Shange Beef Offal(山歌牛杂馆)
Address: No.190, Banji Road, Yuping Sub-district, Libo County, Qiannan黔南州荔波县玉屏街道板吉路190号
Tel: 13557882988

5. Libo Food Street(荔波美食街)
Address: The Crossroad of Guangchang Road and Zhangjiang North Road, Libo County, Qiannan黔南州荔波县广场路与樟江北街交叉口

6. Jiarong Beef House(佳荣牛肉馆)
Address: No.69, Banji Road, Yuping Sub-district, Libo County, Qiannan黔南州荔波县玉屏街道板吉路69号
Tel: 17716629867

7. Xiang Man Tang(香满堂)
Address: Shiban Street, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市石板街
Tel: 15086135044

8. Donado Pizza and Steak(多纳多比萨牛排)
Address: JIanjiang Middle Road, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市剑江中路
Tel: 0854-8258088

9. KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken)(肯德基)
Address: Minzu Road, Duyun City, Qiannan黔南州都匀市民族路
Tel: 0854-8303355

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