Nyingchi Festivals and Events

Various Tibetan festivals are celebrated in different ways in Nyingchi. It is suggested to visit Nyingchi during the festivals and enjoy activities with the local people if time is free.

Festivals and Activities in Nyingchi

Tibetan New Year

On Tibetan New Year's Day, people bring their offerings and highland barley wine to their own crops to sacrifice the Harvest Goddess. Everyone in the ground sets up a long pole, hanging streamer on the top of the pole, and wheat straw bound on the lower. People build an altar in front of the pole, and then simmering mulberry, singing, dancing, begging the Harvest Goddess a booming harvest. There are lots of New Year entertainment. From the beginning of the second day, the men take part in horse racing and archery, the arrow is a wooden cone drilled a lot of holes, when arrows are taken away from the string, people begin dancing and drinking around the campfire. In recent years, the Nyingchi Trade Fair has been added to the traditional celebrating activities in which one can buy a wide range of handicrafts.

Bear-fighting Festival in Bomê County

Each May 15 on the Tibetan calendar, the whole villagers will put on the festive costumes to simmer mulberry on the Dumu Mountain, praying Gods of mountains for good harvest. The Eagle Festival on the mountain has much more religious factor.

Local Various Competition

Nyingchi is located in the mountainous area, there are a lot of mountain customs, such as archery. No matter what traditional festival is, there are archery games. At this point, the archer is in the archery game, others singing and dancing for cheering.

Lhoba Folk Customs

Lhoba tribe is made up by the Mi Xinba, Mi Cuba and Da E'mu tribes, altogether up to the amount of more than 20 tribes, living in the Grand Canyon area. According to records, "Lhoba" originates from the habitual name of the Tibetan people living in the Luo Yu area, which means "Southerners". Lhoba is an ancient nation with many exotic customs: reproductive worship, drinking wine with roasted rat meat, mysterious witch "Wu Yong", the Millennium ban, and marriage and funeral customs, such as Water burial, Celestial burial and Tree burial.

Lake Circling Festival of the Basong Lake

This festival comes in April of the Tibetan calendar. On the 15th of April, the date is believed to be the birthday, the date of accomplishing excellent practice and nirvana for Sakyamuni, the Buddhist followers flock to the Basong Lake from everywhere and circle around the lake clockwise.

Azalea Tourist Festival

Among 850 sorts of azaleas in the world, 460 are found in China and 170 kinds in Tibet. After June each year the Sejila Mountain in Nyingchi becomes an azalea ocean. At that moment the annual azalea tourist festival supplies plenty of tourist information like the classical tour route, tourist products. The fair also constitutes a platform for business negotiation, investment and other cultural activities.

Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival

When spring approaches, most parts of Tibet are still covered with snow, Nyingchi has already been immersed in a sea of peach flowers. In order to celebrate this grandeur of nature and advocate Tibetan culture, Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival has been holden by local Tibetans and enthusiastic tourists since 2002. During this grand festival, you can not only enjoy the rosy peach blossoms and exotic pastoral scenery but also explore Tibetan villages, watch horsemanship performance, try some local delicacies, etc.