Macau Climate

Macau Weather and Climate describes information with temperature, precipitation, Geography, What Clothes to Wear in Macau, weather and climate by month, climate graph, 15 days Macau weather forecast. Find out the best time to visit Macau and see the season highlights in Macau. It also tells you what to wear in different seasons and Clothes packing for your Trip to Macau.

Macau Climate & Weather

Macau exhibits a humid subtropical type of climate with hot and humid summers and cold and dry winters. It is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China with territorial autonomy, which lies on China's southern coast on the west side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia. Macau's location in the tropical latitudes, slightly south of the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere, the monsoon, and its nearness to large bodies of water, dramatically affects its climate.

Macau is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with direct sunlight twice a year, strong radiation and strong evaporation. It has the characteristics of rich heat, sufficient water vapor, and high temperature and rain. It belongs to the subtropical ocean monsoon climate, and also has the characteristics of tropical climate. The annual average temperature is about 22.3℃, and the annual temperature difference varies from 11 to 14℃. The average annual temperature in 2007 was 23.2° C. It is wet and rainy in spring and summer, and the relative humidity is relatively low and there is less rainfall in autumn and winter. The typhoon season is from May to October, and the most frequent is from July to September. Macau is bordered by the Asian continent to the north and the tropical sea-the South China Sea to the south. It is affected by both the mid-high latitude atmospheric circulation from the mainland and the low-latitude atmospheric circulation from the ocean. Therefore, it is a typical monsoon climate zone.

Macau Weather Graph by Month

The driest month is July, with 51 mm of rainfall. Most precipitation falls in December, with an average of 103 mm.

Macau Average Temperature

The warmest month of the year is August, with an average temperature of 20.0°C. In January, the average temperature is 5.6°C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year.

Macau Weather by Month

The difference in precipitation between the driest month and the wettest month is 52 mm. The average temperatures vary during the year by 14.4°C.

If you want to know the detailed information of every month in Macau, please refer to the following:

Macau Climate by Month

Four Seasons of Macau & What to Wear


In spring, it may be cooler at night than that during the day in Macau. So be sure to take a coat to keep you warm in case of the temperature change, especially at night.

  • Average Temperatures: 17- 29°C
    What to Wear: 
    Clothes for layering - T-shirts, pants or shorts, dresses
    Things to Do: May welcomes many events including the Festival of the Buddha, Dragon Boat Festival and the Macau Arts Festival. In the St Lazarus district, don’t miss the exquisite Portuguese artisanal goods and continental gourmet goodies at Albergue da Santa Casa da Misericordia.


Summer season in Macau usually lasts till the end of September. The long summer season in Macau is very hot, rainy and humid and over in the hottest months of July and August. The months from July to September might be filled with frequent cyclones. For visitors, please try to avoid the typhoon season and stay at home when storms and cyclones come.

  • Average Temperatures: 26-32°C
    What to Wear:
    T-shirt and shorts are suitable for the hot and humid weather and raingear is an additional must.
    Things to Do: It is a good time for swimming at the beach, like Hac Sa Beach and Cheoc Van Beach.


From October, the temperature and rainfall begin to decease and the weather becomes more comfortable. The comfortable autumn season brings drier and cool conditions with plenty of sunshine making it the best time to visit Macau and it is very suitable to get out and explore Macau. You could see a clear and refreshing autumn in Macau.

  • Average Temperatures: 19-28°C
    What to Wear: 
    T-shirts, short or lightweight pants, thin jacket
    Things to Do: It is a good time to visit Carmel Garden to see the leisure gardens complete with pagodas and bridges and commune with nature after some retail therapy.


 Macau in winter is dry and mild. January to February is the coldest period because the cold air from Siberia arrives on the peninsula. Sometimes, the temperature decreases to 10℃.

  • Average Temperatures: 14-19℃
    What to Wear: 
    It is recommended to wear sweaters and long trousers in winter, and take a coat with you to wear during the cooler hours of darkness.
    Things to Do: If you’re here at the tail-end of January you can experience the elaborate Chinese New Year celebrations around the end of January or beginning of February, depending on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Macau Typhoon Season

The typhoon season starts in May and ends in October, with July to September as its peak period. On average, about 30 tropical cyclones form in the western North Pacific or China Seas every year, and about half of them reach typhoon strength (maximum winds of 118 kilometers per hour or more). Currently, Macao’s Tropical Cyclone Signals are listed in signal no. 1, no. 3, no. 8, no. 9 and no. 10 depending on the strength of the wind.

Best Time to Visit Macau

The spring and summer season is the off-season of Macau's tourism, because the weather is hot and rainy at this time, and it is easy to delay the trip. However, it is a good choice to swim to Hac Sa Beach and Cheoc Van Beach in Macau in summer. The autumn and winter season is the best time to visit Macau. Here you can not feel the severe cold of winter, which is especially warm and comfortable for tourists from the north. Whether it's a shopping trip to Macau or a walk in the historic blocks, autumn and winter are the best time to visit Macau.

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Avoid Public Holidays in Macau

Try to avoid the public holidays of China, such as May Day Holiday(May 1-3), National Day Holiday(October 1-7), Spring Festival Holiday(Usually early February), Qingming Festival(in early April), Dragon Boat Festival(in June). Spring festival and national day festival are the most crowded time to travel. During these holidays, there will be a large crowd in the tourist attractions and you can't really enjoy yourself. Flights and hotels can cost three times as much than usual, and it's hard to get tickets during the Spring Festival. 

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