Hulunbuir Tours

As a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction northeast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hulunbuir is home to 42 ethnic minorities including Han, Mongolian, Hui, Manchu and Korean. Hulunbuir tours afford attractions boasting vast and green grassland, famous rivers and lakes, historical relics and ethic cultural sites including Hulunbuir Grassland, Genhe Wetland(根河湿地), Hulun Lake, Buir Lake, Hulunbuir Nationality Museum, Mammoth Park(猛犸公园), Zhalanaor Museum(扎赉诺尔博物馆), Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe(金帐汗国蒙古部落), Taiping Village in Hulunbuir City,Aoluguya Ewenke National Township( 敖鲁古雅鄂温克民族乡),etc. Tourists coming to Hulunbuir can not only appreciate the vast green prairie and visit the historical and cultural relics to get an overall understanding of Hulunbuir, but also experience the nomadic life like horse-riding, wrestling and taste their food, which can be explored in depth if tourists travel in festival times such as Bonfire Festival, Yimuer Festival(伊慕额节), Sebin Festival(瑟宾节) and Nadam Fair(那达慕大会).If you cannot figure out for there are so many to pick, we can customize a tour package on your specific requirements.