Guilin Attractions

The beautiful Guilin always makes people look forward to visiting it. Large and small scenery is also innumerable. If there is plenty of time, it is best to enjoy it one by one. If time is limited, these places are must-see attractions. Among all the landscapes in Guilin, the landscape of this section of the Li River to Yangshuo is the most beautiful, and therefore the landscape of Guilin has such a famous reputation"Guilin's scenery is best among all under heaven". After seeing the mountains and rivers, Yangshuo West Street, also known as Foreigner's Street, will be a good choice. As a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, Longji Rice Terraces is a good choice. The neat terraces are a very large terraced group in Guilin. Finally, the Lingqu Scenic Area will serve as your last stop. It is a national four-A scenic spot, and Xing'an Lingqu is one of the best ancient canals in the world.