Guilin Shopping

Guilin, known as its gorgeous scenery, is a good place to buy souvenirs. Guilin painted fans and paper umbrellas, ginkgo seed, wutong sugarcane, momordica grosvenori, etc. are easy found in Guilin. In the following, China Dragon Tours will introduce the representative souvenirs and tell you where to buy these things.

What to Buy in Guilin

Guilin Painted Fans and Paper Umbrellas(桂林彩扇和油纸伞)

You can enjoy the beautiful pictures on painted fans, such as birds and animals, Guilin Karst Landscape, Yangshuo Scenery, etc. What's more, it is common to see Chinese poems, calligraphies and good sayings on painted fans. To some extent, the painted fans can be regarded as a kind of art, which is a kind of combination of technique and local culture. Of course, the paper umbrellas are the love of many young girls. Paper umbrella, as a traditional Guilin handwork, has a history of above four hundred years. Guilin paper umbrellas featuring classical and elegant appearance are full of usable and admiring values. 

Ginkgo Seed(白果)

Ginkgo Seed, also known as Baiguo, is very precious as ginkgo is one of the oldest trees in world. As ginkgo is one of the oldest trees in world. Guilin is suitable for the growth ginkgo due to the distinct four seasons. The best time to have ginkgo seed is in summer. Ginkgo seed is not only a nice edible product, but also a great health care food and medicine.

Wutong Sugarcane (梧桐甘蔗)

Wutong, a small village in Guilin, is famous four high quality of sugarcane, which is a famous sugarcane brand loved by people throughout China. Wutong Sugarcane is characterized by thin peel, white and succulency interior. It is one of the main fruit in Guilin during the period of autumn and winter.

Bamboo & Wooden Carvings(竹木雕刻品)

Huajiang Yao Ethnic Township, Xing'an County is one place of the main bamboo producing areas. Therefore, bamboo and wooden carvings are common to be seen around Guilin, which is popular among tourists in Guilin and Yangshuo. Of course, the carvings are related with landscapes, characters, birds and animals, etc.  What's more, Yangshuo West Street is the best place to find the unique carvings.

Sanhua Alcohol(三花酒)

The name of the alcohol mean "three flowers" and derives from the fact that the alcohol is brewed three times before it is bottled, not three kinds of flowers. The alcohol is transparent and has a mellow and fragrant taste. For people who love drinking alcohol, they always find the reasons to drink alcohol, such as, alcohol has a effect on improving blood circulation.


In Guilin, chufas can be regarded as fruit or as a vegetable. It tastes very sweet and crispy, which is the good gift to parents, relatives and friends. Chufa paste, chufa panocha and canned chufa each have their own unique flavors and will add extra zest to your cooking.

Momordica grosvenori(罗汉果)

Momordica grosvenori, also known as Luo Han Guo, gets its name due to the shape that looks like the belly of Buddha. Luo Han Guo, as a traditional Chinese herb, has effects on lowering blood pressure and digestive system. Therefore, many people who want to lose weight will choose Luo Han Guo to help digestion.

Zhuang Embroidery(壮族刺绣)

Guangxi, as Zhuang Autonomous Region, is full of Zhuang ethnic culture. When come to Guilin, bring the hand-embroidered craft-Zhuang Embroidery is a good choice. Generally, it is made of silk, which is characterized by different animals and special colors.

Where to Buy in Guilin

1. Supermarket/Shopping Mall

Many supermarkets serve the area of Guilin, such as the Guan Supermarket(Wanda Plaza) at No. 1 Door Wanda,  No. 43 East Chuanshan Road,  Qixing District, Guilin City.

2. Exclusive Shop

In Guilin, there are many exclusive shops for local product, such as the Yulang Guilin Exclusive Shop at North 50 meters Hexinyuan, Qixing District, Guilin City.

3. Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street next to the central square in the city has some small boutiques selling ethnic crafts and clothes. There are also many restaurants and a bustling ‘Beautiful Food Street’.

4. Night Market — Xicheng Pedestrian Street

At nightfall, long rows of red tents appear along Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street (西城路步行街), filled with various kinds of handicrafts, local specialties, trinkets, and snacks.