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Bijie belongs to Guizhou province, two hours' drive away from Guiyang. There are the famous Baili Azalea Scenic Area and the Zhijin cave scenic spot, which make you know more about geography and marvel at the wonder of nature. The karst cave landscape will open your eyes. Bijie is also rich in tourism resources, more and more people come to Bijie. But once you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Bijie, don't forget to select some souvenirs for your family and friends. 

What to Buy in Bijie

There are Weining ham, Dafang lacquer ware, marble crafts, day lily, etc., which are relatively characteristic specialties in Bijie. 

Weining Ham(威宁火腿)

Weining ham is a traditional specialty of Guizhou, with a history of more than 600 years. Weining ham is divided into "old ham" and "new ham". The ham cured in the first year and sold before the next autumn is called "new ham". The ham sold after the autumn is called "old ham".

Bijie Walnut(毕节核桃)

Bijie is known as the "hometown of walnut" with a long history of walnut planting. It is one of the main walnut production bases in Guizhou. Walnut varieties include thin-shelled walnuts, clip shell walnuts, grape cluster walnuts, etc., among which grape cluster walnuts are domestic excellent variety. Its walnut kernel contains 70% oil and 15% protein, 10% carbohydrate, as well ad calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements.

Nayong Bamboo Fungus(纳雍竹荪)

The bamboo fungus smells like sweet wine, and tastes crisp and tender. It is usually used for soup, with a unique flavor. In the hot season, put the bamboo fungus in the broth, the soup retained its umami after several days. Bamboo fungus has long been regarded as a delicacy in the history, favored by the emperors. Since ancient times, it was regarded as a senior "gift" in foreign activities, and foreign friends call it "soft gold".

Dafang gastrodia elata(大方天麻)

Gastrodia elata as a precious and famous product, its price can be as much as Maotai liquor, as a authentic medicinal herbs, its reputation can be comparable to the northeast ginseng. Dafang gastrodia elata is mainly produced in the deep mountains and jungles of the Jiulong mountain in Dafang county, Guizhou plateau, and in the rare natural Baili azalea jungle in the world. In Ming dynasty, it was a tribute of royal families, and exported to Japan and southeast Asia countries.

Where to Buy in Bijie

One of the liveliest places in Bijie is Weining road(威宁路). There are many shops and commodities.

1. Suoma Xingkong Culture Square(索玛星空文化广场)
Address: In the Opposite of Renmin Park, Gongyuan Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区公园路人民公园对面
Tel: 0857-8290099
Description: Suoma Xingkong culture square is located at the core of the commercial pedestrian street, which is the focus of the Bijie government. It is adjacent to Renmin park and youth palace. It is a cultural and entertainment center integrating cinema, book mall and fashionable drinks.

2. Aimin Square Shopping Mall(爱民广场购物中心)
Address: Yongjun Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区拥军路
Description: Aimin square was originally a place for citizens to relax and exercise. After large-scale renovation by the government, it is now presented to the public as a large shopping center integrating shopping, entertainment and leisure. Renmin park and the youth palace are close to it. 

3. Zhijin Ancient Town Pedestrian Street(织金古城步行街)
Address: No.238, Xinhua North Road, Zhijin County, Bijie毕节市织金县新华北路238号
Tel: 15329876198
Description: This is a local featured commercial street. 

4. Heli Supermarket(合力超市)
Address: The Crossroad of Mayuan Road and Binhe East Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区麻园路和滨河东路交叉口
Tel: 0857-8342578/0857-8342606/13984766402
Description: This is a chain supermarket, there are branches in Zhijin County, Dafang County and Jinsha County, etc. 

5. Yinkai Department(银开百货)
Address: No.13, Weining Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区威宁路13号
Tel: 0857-8271666

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