Bijie Dining

When you are in Bijie, in addition to enjoying beautiful scenery, do not miss the delicious food there. Local food and snacks in Bijie include Bijie Tangyuan(sweet dumplings), Weining buckwheat crisp, roast chicken, rice sausage, pickled vegetable, mutton rice noodle and the torch fish, etc. 

What to Eat in Bijie

Weining Ham(威宁火腿)

Weining ham is a traditional specialty of Guizhou, with a history of more than 600 years. Weining ham is divided into "old ham" and "new ham". The ham cured in the first year and sold before the next autumn is called "new ham". The ham sold after the autumn is called "old ham".

Bijie Tangyuan(毕节汤圆)

Bijie Tangyuan tastes sweet and delicious, with fine and smooth texture. The distinctive feature of Bijie glutinous rice balls is that they are small, thin, stuffed with many fillings and have ten different flavors. They are favored by the public.

Weining Buckwheat Crisp(威宁荞酥)

Weining Buckwheat Crisp is a famous folk snack produced in Weining county of Guizhou province. The pastry is famous for its unique raw materials and long history of making. This pastry is made of Tartary buckwheat flour with lard and multiple ingredients. It tastes crisp and loose, sweet and refreshing.  

Wang Fool Roast Chicken(王傻子烧鸡)

Wang fool roast chicken is named after the producer Wang Wenrang. The chicken is brined, fried and boiled, then applied sesame oil or peppercorns oil. When eating, in order to maintain the original taste, it is best not to cut with the knife, but tear by hand. The finished roast chicken is mellow and delicious, with crispy skin and tender meat.

Dries Bean Curd(毕节豆腐干)

Dried bean curd began in Daoguang period of the Qing dynasty. It was roasted with charcoal and served with five spiced chili powder. The crispy skin and pleasant aroma make it appetizing and refreshing. There are many ways to eat it, and roasting is one of them.

Where to Eat in Bijie

In Bijie, there are many restaurants shops, where you can enjoy the local dishes and snacks. 

1. Huji Tanyuan(胡记汤圆)
Address: Yanhe East Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区沿河东路
Tel: 0857-8234974/15308578590

2. Jiang Feng Ming Buckwheat Crisp(蒋凤明荞酥)
Address: Jianshe East Road, Weining County, Bijie毕节市威宁县建设东路
Tel: 13096825215

3. Wang Sha Zi Roast Chicken(王傻子烧鸡)
Address: Zhongshan Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区中山路
Tel: 0857-8237208

4. Huahua Cafe(花花家咖啡屋)
Address: Guangyuan Road, Weining County, Bijie毕节市威宁县广园路
Tel: 0857-7139688/15085777320

5. Zui Jiang Hu(醉江湖)
Address: Bijie Food Street, Xueyuan Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区学院路毕节美食街
Tel: 0857-8313900/15823532925

6. Ludao Cafe(鹭岛咖啡)
Address: Chengnan East Road, Nayong County, Bijie毕节市纳雍县城南东路
Tel: 0857-3688800

7. Xiang Yu Huan Hunan Cuisine Restaurant(湘遇欢湘菜餐厅)
Address: Hongnan Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区洪南路
Tel: 0857-8258050

8. Ueshima Coffee(上岛咖啡)
Address: Long Jing Yuan, Baili Azalea Avenue, Qixingguan District, Bijie毕节市七星关区百里杜鹃大道龙景苑
Tel: 0857-8011111

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