Daoxiang Village Dim Sums in Beijing

Daoxiang Village is a famous time-honored brand in Beijing. There are different dim sums you can eat in different seasons at Daoxiang villages.

24 Solar Terms Recommended Food Main Ingredients
Beginning of spring Spring Roll(a thin sheet of dough, rolled, stuffed and fried) Pork, hotbed chives, Spring spinage, shallot, mung bean sprout and other seasonal vegetables
Rain Water Honey Pie(雨水望蜜饼) Honey and fresh pomelo as stuffings
The Waking of Insects Dragon Cake(惊蛰盘龙糕) Chinese yam with Osmanthus sauce
The Spring Equinox  Sun Cake(春分太阳糕) Barley shoots as stuffing
Pure Brightness Sweet Green Rice Ball(清明青团) Green wheat juice, glutinous rice flour, sweetened bean paste/black sesame
Grain Rain Toona Sinensis Puff Pastry(谷雨椿芽酥) Toona sinensis(香椿芽) as stuffing
The Beginning of Summer Dried Orange Peel Cake(立夏陈皮饼) Dried orange peel as stuffing
Lesser Fullness Longan Crisp(小满桂圆酥) Longan meat and Baifeng bean(白凤豆) as stuffings
Grain in Beard Mulberry Cake(芒种桑椹果) Mulberry, purple sweet potato and lotus seed
The Summer Solstice Lotus Nut and Lily Cake(夏至莲子百合饼) Matcha powder, lotus nut and Lily 
Slight Heat Green Bean Cake(小暑绿豆消暑糕) Mung bean paste
Great Heat Jingu Crisp(大暑金谷酥) Wheatmeal, purple rice powder, millet flour, buckwheat and pumpkin
The Beginning of Autumn Braised Pork Shoulder with Soy(立秋酱肘) Pork Shoulder
The End of Heat Baihe Duck(处暑百合鸭) Lily, flos chrysanthemi, dried orange peel, honey, duck
White Dew Sweet Potato Cake(白露甘薯饼) Sweet potato as stuffing
The Autumn Equinox Taro Cake(秋分芋饼) Taro as stuffing
Cold Dew Sesame Crisp(寒露芝麻酥) Black and white sesame, and Osmanthus
Frost’s Descent Cony Meat(霜降兔肉) Cony meat, big bone soup, red dated and medlar
The Beginning of Winter Finger Citron Rolls(立冬佛手卷) Fresh cabbage and pork as stuffings
Lesser Snow Winter Dish(小雪冬腊菜) Potherb mustard, preserved meat, shredded red pepper, yellow rice wine
Greater Snow Red Date Cake(大雪红枣糕) Triticale, black rice, black corn, black millet, black sesame, red date, honey and walnut kernel
The Winter Solstice Nie Er Duo(冬至捏耳朵) Mutton, cabbage, big bone soup, etc
Lesser Cold Braised Venison(小寒坛焖鹿肉) Fresh venison, medlar, shii-take
Greater Cold Remove Cold Cake(大寒消寒糕) Rice cake, walnut kernel, longan, red date, sticky rice, Chinese date