Chairman Mao’s Former Residence in Shaoshan, Xiangtan

Why is Chairman Mao’s Former Residence So Special?

The former residence of Chairman Mao, covering an area of nearly 473 sq m (about 566 sq yd), is made of earth and wood. It is in a concave shape with 13 rooms.  Here, you can see his family photos, daily essentials, farm tools and some revolutionary materials arranged in accordance with original layout when Mao Zedong was living there.

Where is Chairman Mao’s Former Residence?

Situated in the middle of Hunan Province, Shaoshan is 40 kilometers from Xiangtan City and about 120 kilometers from Changsha City, the capital of Hunan Province. And the residence lies about 50 km from Xiangtan Railway Station.

How to Get to Chairman Mao’s Former Residence?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By bus: Take bus no.17, 18, 149, 168, 312, 314, 315, 348, 405, 603, 704, or 902 to get off at Changsha West Bus Station. At this bus station, there are direct buses to Shaoshan.

What to See in Chairman Mao’s Former Residence

Bronze Statue Square

The bronze statue of Chairman Mao Zedong stands in Shaoshanchong Square, we also call it Bronze Statue Square, it is the center of Shaoshanchong. The bronze statue of the Chairman Mao is designed according to the image of him in the founding ceremony of China. The bronze statue is 6 meters high, the base is 4.1 meters high, the full height is 10.1 meters, and the bronze statue weighs 3.7 tons. It has been a unique tradition in Shaoshan for young couples to hold weddings and take their oaths before Mao’s bronze statue in the square. Families celebrating the Lunar New Year wish for good fortune before the statue, too.

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

Set up in the year of 1963 and covering an area of 8,000 square metres, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is a good place for people to pay respect to the great Chairman Mao. The building is praised as a classical work in the modern garden buildings of China.

The Mao Zedong Relics Museum

The Mao Zedong Relics Museum is divided into three areas; a basic exhibition hall, a special topic exhibition hall, and a temporary hall. The main exhibits are the porcelains, discs and tapes he used and some art masterpieces. 

Useful Travel Tips

  1. The rainy season starts from around April and ends around July, pay attention to the weather forecast.
  2. Smoking is not allowed in the scenic spot.

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