Water Dripping Cave in Shaoshan, Xiangtan

Why is Water Dripping Cave So Special?

Dripping Cave is the place where Chairman Mao Zedong grow up. There is a natural cave in the middle of the valley, which is looks like a jar, and spring water dripping into the cave constantly. And its jingling all the time, that is why local people call it water dripping cave.

Where is Water Dripping Cave?

Water Dripping Cave, located in the west of Shaoshanchong, about 5 kilometers away from Mao Zedong’s former residence. And the address of the water dropping cave is: Shaoshan scenic spot, Shaoshan City, Xiangtan City. And water dripping cave lies about 50 km from Xiangtan Railway Station.

How to Get to Water Dripping Cave?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By bus: Take bus no.17, 18, 149, 168, 312, 314, 315, 348, 405, 603, 704, or 902 to get off at Changsha West Bus Station. At this bus station, there are direct buses to Shaoshan.

Main Attractions in Water Dripping Cave

Building No. 1

Building No. 1 is the place where chairman Mao once lived. It is a famous scenic spot and also the main building of Water Dripping Cave Scenic Spot. In the building, there are Chairman Mao Zedong’s office, bedroom, reception hall, meeting room and so on.

Tiger Resting Lawn

Tiger Resting Lawn, or Wuxie Lawn, which literally means the tiger resting lawn. Standing on the lawn, tourists can overlook the view of Shaoshanchong. Mao Enpu (毛恩普), who is Mao Zedong’s grandfather, was buried here.

Dragon Head Hill

Dragon Head Hill is a mountain where Mao Si Duan was buried. Mao Si Duan(毛四端), who is Mao Zedong’s great grandfather. It is a high mountain south of Water Dripping Cave, named for its special shape like a dragon head.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Free ticket for people over 65 and children under 14.
  2. Pay Attention to the different opening time of different season: From April 21 to October 10, 07:30-18:00; from October 11 to April 20, 08:00-17:30

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