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The Great Wall Travel is a special experience worth of your lifelong memory. This category introduces concerns on Great Wall travel, such as top Great Wall attractions, Great Wall SectionsGreat Wall Facts, Great Wall tour tips and FAQs of the Great Wall, etc. You will learn more or less about the History of the Great Wall, Great Wall Construction and Proctetion of the Great Wall during the tour. 

Top Attractions of the Great Wall of China

With sections dating back 2000 years, the wall wriggle haphazardly from their scattered Manchurian remains in Liaoning province to wind-scoured rubble in the Gobi desert and faint traces in the unforgiving sands of Xinjiang. Interspersed with natural defences (such as precipitous mountains), the Great Wall can be visited in 15 Chinese provinces, principalities and autonomous regions, but nowhere is better than Beijing for mounting your assault on this most iconic of bastions.

Great Walls in Beijing

Beijing has most of the Great Wall relics: Sightseeing at BadalingJuyongguan and Mutianyu sections; Hiking at JinshanlingSimataiGubeikou, Mutianyu and Jiankou sections. Tianjin: Sightseeing and hiking at Huangyaguan section Shanhaiguan in the eastern end: Sightseeing and hiking at Shanhaiguan section Gobi desert in the western end: Sightseeing and hiking at Jiayuguan section. Among all the sections, Badaling and Mutianyu are the most favoured ones for visitors. Badaling is a must-visit site for Beijing Great Wall Tour, while Mutianyu is a nice choice to avoid large crowds in the peak season. 

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Top Experiences on The Great Wall

The most popular thing to do on the Great Wall is HIKING, i.e. walking on the wall. Besides hiking, you can do a night walk, camp on the wall, enjoy a picnic with great mountain views, run a Great Wall marathon, and take a roller cart down.

Great Wall Hiking and Camping

Hiking on and around the Great Wall is easily one of the most popular activities. For most visitors, Mutianyu and Jinshanling offer good, medium difficulty hikes, while still being very safe. For those looking for a serious hike along wild, unrestored portions of the Wall, we suggest the Gubeikou to Jinshanling, or Jiankou to Mutianyu routes. All of these hiking routes boast both unrestored and picturesque renovated sections of the Wall. However, please be aware that hikes along wild, unrestored parts of the Great Wall involve many steep climbs and loose bricks, and can be very dangerous in some places.

Camping on the Great Wall is usually banned, especially on the renovated sections. If you want to spend a night sleeping on the Great Wall, watchtower on the Gubeikou section of the Great Wall is a suitbale site  to experience the life of an ancient soldier and catch amazing sunrise/sunset views over the Wall.


Thrill seekers visiting the Great Wall won’t want to miss paragliding at Simatai. Tourists will have the chance to leap off the edge of the Simatai wall section and glide almost 1,000 feet into the valley below. Paragliding is permitted on all sections of the wall open to the public. After gliding into the valley, many people enjoy a hike back up to the wall, or through the surrounding countryside.

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The Best Time to Visit the Great Wall

The best time to visit the Great Wall depends on the natural scenery that you prefer and the section of the Great Wall you plan to visit. According to China Highlights, the further north you travel, the colder and rainier the weather will be. Spring trips provide a view of fresh foliage and allow you to avoid the summer tourism season. Summer means larger crowds, but it also provides a view of blooming flowers. July and August bring the most rain. Winter brings the fewest tourists because of the cold temperatures, but the snow on the mountains can provide a stunning view. Try to avoid the Chinese Golden Week holiday in October, when the Great Wall is usually filled with crowds.

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Things you Should Know before Visiting the Great Wall of China

  • 1. Visit the great wall on a weekday to avoid crowds.
  • 2. Your passport isn’t necessary to enter the great wall.
  • 3. Public transportation is more difficult than you might think.
  • 4. It’s worth getting there early- just be prepared to walk.
  • 5. Some parts of the wall are very steep.
  • 6. Wear comfortable shoes.
  • 7. Expect long travel times to the great wall.
  • 8. There are no restrooms beyond the main entrance.
  • 9. Simatai is the best section open at night – and it’s spectacular.
  • 10. Weather can vary — and it gets windy up there.

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