Black Dragon Pool in Beijing

Why is Black Dragon Pool so Special?

The scenic area extends to the lush Gulu valley, with a total length of 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) and the water level dropping to 720 feet (220 meters). It features beautiful waterscape and is an excellent summer resort for nature lovers. Three waterfalls and eighteen pools, with their unique characteristics, are scattered on winding waterways, forming a constantly changing scene as tourists advance along the valley.

Where is Black Dragon Pool?

Black Dragon Pool is located in Shicheng Town, Miyun County, northeastern suburb of Beijing, about 62 miles (100 kilometers) from the center of Beijing.

Main Attraction of Black Dragon Pool

Black dragon pool

The first Black Dragon Pool is the first scenic spot to enter the scenic spot to welcome tourists. After walking for 3 minutes, you will reach the First Pool Waterfall outside the First Black Dragon Pool. The 98-foot (30-meter) waterfall roared down the cliff and splashed when it hit a ridge 4 feet (1.3 meters) from the middle of the cliff. The torrent rushed to the pool below, sparking a mist. It presents a magnificent sight to tourists. The swimming pool covers 60 square yards (50 square meters). Above the southern rock stands Dragon Head Rock, while the tiger head rock is exposed from the northern rock. Therefore, there is a local proverb-“the dragon on duty at the gate and the tiger guarding the mountain pass”.

Other pools

Now enter the hanging pool and sink pool. The hanging pool is 16 feet (5 meters) above the sinking pool. The hanging pool was surrounded by stones. The water inside is deep and the outlet is small-a narrow crack. The two swimming pools are closely related and bring pleasant scenery to tourists.

Further on, you will enjoy the celestial falls and yanqi lake. The height of the celestial connecting waterfall exceeds 164 feet (50 meters), so the waterfall seems to have fallen from the sky. The water mist floating around makes this place like a fairyland. Yanqi Lake is formed by sediment deposition from Xianjie Waterfall. The surface area exceeds 120 square yards (100 square meters) and the depth is about 10-13 feet (3-4 meters). The terrain here is flat, so pebbles and lush plants provide a good habitat for wild geese in early spring and early winter. Therefore, this pond is named Yanqi pond.

After passing through the flat sand pool, curved pool, dripping pool and reed pool, you will reach two charming scenic spots. The three-circle swimming pool consists of three small swimming pools, which are randomly distributed within 164 feet (50 meters). Hedgehog Stone is located in the southeast of the three-circle swimming pool. The stone forms a vivid hedgehog shape, with a high forehead, a sharp mouth and four folded legs. Flowers and plants look like thorns on the back of a hedgehog.

Go further and you will find the dragon dance pool. It is characterized by a spectacular waterfall whirling down from the cliff like a silver Long Zaitian flying in the air. Longtan is followed by a string of pearl pools and bottomless pools.

The last swimming pool is the real Black Dragon Pool. This pool is picturesque and is the most spectacular of the 18 pools. The swimming pool is hidden under a stone and its mouth is hidden between cliffs, so it looks like a pearl hidden in a clam shell. The south entrance of the pool is an oval stone wall, and the north entrance is a dark cliff. There is a crack in the middle of the cliff, 3.3 feet (1 meter) wide and 33 feet (10 meters) long. There are two small pools in the slit, one is called spring smallpox pool and the other is called autumn moon flower pool.

Best Time to Travel Black Dragon Pool

September and October are the best travel times.

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Beijing. As autumn grows stronger, the leaves of various trees are still fresh green, some are beginning to yellow, and some are brilliant red and flowery. Around October, the red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain became more and more red and more colorful. People who climbed the mountain to admire the red leaves came in an endless stream. In the morning after the autumn rain, the air was clear and clear.

How to Get There

Take bus 980 or 980 Express at Dongzhimen Hub Station and get off at Miyun Gulou Station. Then walk to the north for a few minutes to take bus Mi 62 or Mi 63 from Miyun Dajuyuan (Miyun Theater) Station and get off at Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pool) Station. Note that Mi 62 operates only from 10:00 to 15:00.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee

CNY 60.

Free for children under 3.9 feet (1.2 meters)

Opening Hours 08:00 – 17:00

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