Beijing Forest Holiday Golf Club

Beijing Forest Holiday Golf Club(北京森林假日高尔夫球俱乐部) is a 36-hole world championship Golf Club just purely for membership, presenting the original ecological scenery, where there are 100,000 different kinds of rare tree species, and is a real sense of natural oxygen bar. The standard 18-hole course that has been completed is built by Mr. JOE, the American designer of the original Nicklaus company(尼克劳斯公司). The distinctive green, white sand pit, numerous water obstacles, rabbits and chickens show the quietness and wild interest in the forest. Exactly it has become the distinctive characteristics of the course, achieving the unity of leisure and competition, and the harmony between life and nature.

The first phase of the project covers an area of about 2040 acre. The main landscape tone is based on the forest background. The top gothic club, holiday mansion and other facilities are complete and it offers 24-hour steward service. The course is interlaced with five water systems with moderate difficulty, and adopts the world’s top full-coverage computer sprinkler system. Unique desert sand pit design increases the challenge;

The green is mostly covered with big ups and dark lines. The green grass uses the T-ONE, which is ranked No.1 in the world, increasing the green speed and playing difficulty. The fairway grass is bluegrass. The last nine holes , which have been built and continue to be designed by Joe Obringe , are in the style of famous “dune style” courses around the world and will present spectacular views of a unique style.

Beijing Forest Holiday Golf Club is a all-around forest resort which covers green forest rural landscape , forest leisure sports culture and sports tourism, containing set of hot spring hotels, holiday flats, agriculture sightseeing, youth patriotism education, adolescent psychological quality training, golf courses, golf theme parks, cultural entertainment leisure sport as well.

Chinese Name:北京森林假日高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese ADD:北京市大兴区榆垡(紧邻野生动物园)
Translated by Zheng Qian/郑倩