Xunke Border Port in Heilongjiang

Xunke Port, located in Heilongjiang Province, China, serves as a vital transportation hub facilitating trade and logistics in the region. Situated along the border with Russia, Xunke Port plays a crucial role in promoting cross-border commerce and fostering economic cooperation between the two countries.

As an inland port, Xunke Port handles a diverse range of cargo, including industrial goods, agricultural products, and consumer goods. It serves as a key gateway for import and export activities, supporting regional economic development and international trade.

Equipped with customs, immigration, and quarantine facilities, Xunke Port ensures efficient border crossings and compliance with regulatory requirements. It operates year-round, providing essential services to businesses, traders, and travelers engaged in cross-border activities.

Xunke Port’s strategic location and modern infrastructure contribute to enhancing connectivity and facilitating trade between China and Russia. It plays a significant role in strengthening bilateral relations, promoting investment, and fostering regional cooperation in Northeast Asia.