Spring City One Day Tour

Daming Lake

In the morning, your guide will pick you up at your hotel Jinan. On this day, start your first day out by visiting Daming Lake, relaxing yourself with the picturesque scenery. As the biggest lake in Jinan, it offers you the beautiful views of pavilions, buildings in willows and shades and lotus full of ponds.

After that, head over to Qushuiting Street, this is the old living quarters which preserve the old house, road and original local living habit. You can see Wangfuchizi(Zhuoying Spring) which is a spring water swimming pool in the very center of the old city and hear the spring water flow in front of every courtyard , that is the real Jinan you must to visit.

After that we will tour around Baihuazhou Scenic spot, also known as Baihuatin, Baihuechi, Xiaonan Lake. Baihuazhou area is an important part of Jinan scenic area. It is in the transition section of the “Ming Fucheng City” and the “Daming Lake Scenic Area”, the legacy is rich and the historical and cultural value is outstanding. There will be a Bazaar during the night from Friday to Saturday. Also this scenic area has brought together many Shandong art masters who are using innovative ideas to make traditional crafts glow with new vitality.

Baotu Spring

Then head over to Quancheng Road, which is Jinan’s most famous walkway. From there, head west towards Baotu Spring Park. The main attraction of the park is, of course, the famous Baotu Spring, called the No.1 Spring under heaven. There are many clear and crystal spring pools and magnificent pavilions in the park, which make it a fairyland in the city center.

In the late afternoon, head out the east gate of Baotu Spring towards Spring City Square. Oftentimes, during the evening the square’s musical fountain will perform. It is the awesome place to experience the local life.

After the lunch , head to the second most significant spring –Black Tiger Spring,for the last bit of Jinan sightseeing. The spring water rises from a cave and cascades from three stone animal heads, dropping from a height of 28 meters into a stone pool that is 13 meters long and nine meters wide. Winds emit a terrifying roar as they blow through the cave where the water flows out; therefore, the spring got its name of Heihu (Black Tiger).

Black Tiger Spring

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