Tianjin Jixian Panshan Golf Club

Tianjin Jixian Panshan Golf Club(天津蓟县盘山高尔夫球俱乐部) is located in the center of Beijing(北京),Tianjin(天津),Tangshan(唐山)and Bohai(渤海)coastal region. It is the unique mountain court of northern area of China. The terrain is steep in the court, the drop is more than 164 yards, and there are 18 holes are built on the eastern part of Panshan (盘山). Because of the local special climate and geological conditions, the whole court and mountain are still green in winter when the land in the north is all yellow. So that’s why Emperor Qianlong(乾隆皇帝) said, if I know Panshan(盘山)earlier, why do I need to go to Jiangnan(江南). There are 18 holes in the first phase of court, it’s a standard court with 7166 yards total length.

Hardware facilities

Panshan Golf Club is located at the foot of Panshan which is national 5A tourist attraction. The court is 36 holes long, it’s built by nature and united with the terrain, twists and turn, full of interesting, challenging and fun, and it’s a rare park-style international standard golf court with is near the mountain and by the river.

Court AB is a hills court with 18 holes, there are over 5000 fruit trees that kept and planted in the court, including persimmon trees, apricot trees, peach trees, walnut trees, plum trees, apple trees and pear trees etc. and all the trees are distributed in different fairways. The fruit trees bloom in spring bear fruits in summer and harvest in autumn. The players could enjoy playing golf and taste the delicious and fresh fruits at same time. Court C is 9 holes court which shuttles back and forth in the lakes. Except for 27th hole, every hole adjoins the lake, you can see the Panshan Mountain (盘山) from north, and south of the court is adjacent to the hotels which are Tang Dynasty(唐朝) palace style. There are 9 holes in the Court D which are distributed in the fruit trees at the foot of Panshan. It’s built by taking advantage of the original terrain, the fairway is naturally long and narrow.

 Geographical location

It’s located at 2km east of No.17 bridge which is Jingang Bridge(津港桥) outer-ring road Xiqing District Tianjing(天津) city. You can drive trough Jingping Highway(京平高速) or Jingshen Highway. you should drive out of Jixian(蓟县) exit, enter the North Ring Road along 2nd outlet of the roundabout, drive 1km to Zunhua(遵化) direction, drive 9km then turn left to Maping Highway(马平公路), keep on driving about 3km and you’ll see Changshou Resort Village(长寿度假村) entrance, turn left and drive in, follow the sign and turn left, and drive forward when you arrive at Maojiayu(毛家峪) parking lot.

Game Holding

In October 2013, after 7 months challenges and 8 regional competitions, 2013 Buick China Golf Club League kicked off the finals in Tianjin(天津).

Chinese Name:天津蓟县盘山高尔夫俱乐部 (36洞)
Chinese Address:天津市蓟县燕山西大街706号
Translated by Xiaojie/晓洁