Three cups of wine of Tu Ethnic Group

Entertaining guests with three cups of wine

The people of the Tu nationality have always been famous for their industry and honesty. In the history of the Tu nationality, there are the records of “industrious in plough”, and “simple and honest local custom, magnificent natural conditions, and solid and generous character”. The traditional virtues and good customs of respecting old and loving children, uniting and helping each other, enthusiasm and hospitality are widely popular and have been passed on from generations to generations in the regions of the Tu nationality. Among them, the customs of enthusiasm and hospitality are especially moving. 

The people of the Tu nationality often say: “The guests bring luck with them.” So, whenever the guests come, they will entertain them with great enthusiasm. The guests entertainment ceremonies of the Tu nationality are unique and interesting, the customs of “three cups of wine” and “three procedures of meal” are well-known throughout the northwestern regions. If only they know the guests will call at their doors, the Tus people will get the drinking sets ready earlier, and wait for them at the village entrance or outside the house. When the guests arrive, they will respectfully present three cups of wine for every guest, which are called as “wine after getting down the horse”; when the guests are led to the door of the hosts’ home, another three cups of wine will be presented, they are called as “the three cups wine of calling at the door”; when the guests enter the room and sit on the kang, the hosts will present the next three cups of wine, which are called as “the three cups of wine of luck and happiness”. On important festivals, or when the honored guests call at the hosts, they will prepare “three procedures of meal” with different flavors to entertain them. Generally, the first meal is tea and steamed bun; the second meal is tea with milk and deep-fried dough cake; the third meal is noodle slices or noodles, etc. During the meal, the hosts will also present the highland barley wine, mutton and other delicious dishes, happily talk with the guests and drink together, and even raise the wine cups to sing antiphonally. 

When the banquet is over, the guests stand up to see goodbye, and prepare to go back, the hosts will also present three cups of wine, to say farewell to the guests, it is called as “wine of getting on the horse”. The people of the Tu nationality believes, the more the guests drink, and the more delicious the meal is, the more considerately and successfully they entertain the guests, and the more graceful they feel. Of course, for the guests that truly cannot drink too much, the hosts will not force them, the guests can just use ringer finger to dip in wine and flip three times to the sky, and express their thanks, and the guests will feel very satisfied.