Taibai Mountain National Forest Park in Baoji

Why is Taibai Mountain National Forest Park So Special?

  1. Taibai mountain is a National AAAAA Level Tourist Attraction, National Forest Park, National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot, Top Ten national Sports Tourism Attractions, Top Ten “Beautiful China” Tourist Resorts, Top Ten Most Attractive Tourist Destinations in China, the Most Beautiful Ecological Tourism Destination in China, and the Cradle of Mountaineering in China.
  2. Titled as the ‘Asian Natural Botanical Garden’ and the ‘Natural Zoo of China’, the forest park has more than 1,850 kinds of seed plants and over 1,690 kinds of insects and animals, including more than 230 kinds of birds and over 40 kinds of beasts.

Where is Taibai Mountain National Forest Park?

Lying at the north foot of Taibai Mountain (the peak of Qinling Mountains), Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, is located in Meixian County, in Baoji City of Shaanxi Province. Covering an area of 2,950 hectares (7,290 acres), 94.3% of which is covered with forest, it contains 10 scenic districts and over 180 attractions. Since its height above the sea level varies from 0.63 km (0.39 miles) to 3.5 km (2.18 miles), it is the highest national forest park of China.

Best Time to Visit

Due to the distinctive climate range, the park features different climatic zones. vegetation zones and animal zones. The vegetation zone consists of 3 vegetation zones, 7 vegetation sub zones and 15 vegetation communities. It is also the natural nirvana for the animals. There are more than 1,690 kinds of forest animals and insects including the golden monkey, the giant panda, the takin, the snow leopard, the clouded leopard, the red-bellied tragopan, the serow, as well as the giant salamander. The best seasons to visit Taibai Mountain are summer and autumn.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is a fantastic place for visitors to find relaxation and refreshment. With respect to its climate, it is better to travel here in July and August, but do not forget to bring a cotton coat and rain gear. Traveling by ropeway (with a length of 1.1 km (0.68 mile)) gives visitors the chance to appreciate the marvelous spectacle of glacier relics and sea of clouds.

Main attractions

Taibai National Forest Park connects more than 140 scenic spots in eight scenic spots of the park with 40 kilometers of tourist highway and 28 kilometers of pedestrian tourist trails. Its main scenic spots are:

Longshan, Fengshan and Fengquan

Longshan, Fengshan and Fengquan are three scenic spots. We can enjoy the Eight Kingdoms Fengquan Shenze and Fish Cave Xianyin in Meixian County, visit Tangzicheng Site, Fengshan Extreme Peak, Fengquan Palace, Shengong Stone, etc., pay homage to Taoist Guanqingniu Cave, Taibai Yao Wang Temple, Longfeng Mountain Temple, Guanyin Cave, etc. All tourist hotels, commercial stalls and recreational facilities are concentrated in this area.

Dongtianfu Scenic Spot

It is said to be a place where ghost millet is invisible, monks and apprentices can pass on art. You can see the Tianmen Tower of Xuande Cave, Dushan Mountain and Point-to-Point Platform.

Xianqiao Valley Scenic Spot

Located in the east of Jiujiu Gorge, there are such scenic spots as Giant Stone Xianqiao, Dajia (ancient wooden trestle road), three-level thousand-foot waterfall and so on.

Kaitianguan Scenic Area

It is a cold-temperate tourist area with a large area of virgin forest as the main body. There are two scenic forest belts of Songli and Hongbi, including Xiaofo Falls, Shenxian Cave, Chongyang Palace, Lotus Valley and Peony Valley. Viewing Yunhai Scenic Area: 2300-3511 meters above sea level, spanning two climatic zones of sub-frigid zone and frigid zone, three vegetation landscape forest belts of Abies taibaiensis, Larix gmelinii and alpine shrub meadow can be enjoyed. 

Hot spring area

There are abundant geothermal fields in the low mountain area of the park. The hot spring water has a temperature of 72 degrees Celsius. It contains more than 20 kinds of minerals and trace elements which are beneficial to human body. It is an excellent medical mineral water.

How to get to Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

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Independent Traveler

Self-driving line:

Take the Xibao Expressway from Baoji or Xi’an. It is 98 kilometers from Lanjianan Exit (Taibai Mountain National Forest Park Sign), and the Yanjiangtang Class II Vehicle Special Line goes directly to Shankou.

Bus routes:

Baoji departure: Take the bus from Baoji West Station to Meixian (about an hour’s journey, the fare is about 23 yuan). Meixian transfer bus No. 203 to Taibai Mountain Tourist Center.

Xi’an departure: Take bus U2 or Taibai Mountain Tourist Line (about 80 minutes’journey, about 30 yuan) to Taibai Mountain in the East Square of the Railway Station, or take a long-distance bus from Chengxi Passenger Station to Meixian County.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee:
    March-November: CNY 90    December-next February: CNY 54
    Children under 1.2 m (3.9 ft): Free

    Tianxia Ropeway: CNY 130 (single uphill trip); CNY 100 (single downhill trip)
    Fuyunge Ropeway: CNY 90 (round-trip); CNY 50 (one way)
    Shuttle Bus: CNY 60 (round-trip)

  • How to Get to & Travel Around Taibai Mountain
    1. From Xi’an:
    Take a tour bus to Taibai Mountain at Xi’an Bus Station close to Xi’an Railway Station. Buses depart at 08:00-18:00 and return at 08:30-18:00. The bus fare is about CNY 37.5 per person.
    Take a regular bus to Meixian County at Xi’an West Bus Station. The bus fare is about CNY 37 per person. Then transfer to bus No. 203 to arrive, which costs about CNY 4 per person.
    Xi’an Bus /Metro Search

    2. From Baoji:
    Take a tour bus to Mount Taibai at Baoji West Bus Station. The bus fare is about CNY 29 per person.
    Take a regular bus (every 30 mins) to Meixian County at Baoji Passenger Station. The bus fare is about CNY 23 per person. Then transfer to bus No. 203 to arrive.

  • Getting Around: Visitors can travel around by shuttle bus between Tangyukou and Xiabansi.

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