St. Andrews (Zhengzhou) Golf Club

St.Andrews (Zhengzhou) Golf Club set up by St.Andrews International Golf (HongKong).The club is based in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, and widely regarded as the worldwide “Home of Golf”. It situated on the northeast of Zhengzhou, 30km away from Zhengzhou, 30km east from Kaifeng, south 15km away from Zhongmou country, and 7km northwest from the Yellow River. It needs 30 minutes from Zhengzhou by car, 30 minutes away from Kaifeng by car, 40 minutes from the Xinzheng International Airport. You can get here via Zhengkai Ave or high –speed Lianhuo.

St.Andrews (Zhengzhou) Golf Club cover an area of 2,800,000 sq.m.,and it is a 18-hole international golf club.St Andrews (Zhengzhou) golf club in order to meet the needs of member players and their relatives and friends, carefully set up a Chinese restaurant, a western restaurant, a five-star luxury hotel, a golf store, a bright and spacious bath dressing room, a sauna can relieve your exhaustion at the end of a day. There is a small, absolutely exclusive, luxury hotel in the hilly woods that caters to your demands for business events such as various high-end conferences and private cocktail parties.

Chinese Name:圣安德鲁斯高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:河南郑州中牟雁鸣湖生态风景区