Southwest Tea Wholesale Market in Hengxian County, Guangxi

Southwest Tea Wholesale Market in Hengxian County, Guangxi (广西横县西南茶城), is located north of Hengzhou Town, the county seat of Hengxian County. It consists of three main components: the Jasmine Flower Trading Market, the Tea Trading Market, and the Finished Tea Wholesale Market. Designated as a key market by the Ministry of Agriculture of China, it is one of the four major tea markets in China and has been awarded the title of National Key Tea Market by the China Tea Circulation Association.

Covering an area of 38,000 square meters with a total construction area of 19,000 square meters, the three components were completed in different years: the Jasmine Flower Trading Market in June 1993, the Tea Trading Market in May 1997, and the Finished Tea Wholesale Market in September 2004. They occupy 12,000 square meters, 13,000 square meters, and 13,000 square meters respectively.

The Jasmine Flower Trading Market is the largest in China and specializes in the trade of fresh jasmine and magnolia flowers. Due to the seasonal nature of flowers, trading typically occurs from April to November each year, involving an average of 20,000 flower farmers daily in the market. In 2007, the market saw transactions of 33.7 million kilograms of jasmine flowers and 3.1 million kilograms of magnolia flowers, with a total transaction value of 265 million yuan.

The Tea Trading Market primarily deals with green tea and semi-finished teas sourced from Hengxian’s jasmine tea processing base. In recent years, it has implemented various favorable policies to attract over 30 tea companies, factories, and individual tea merchants from Yunnan, Zhejiang, Beijing, and other provinces and cities, as well as within Guangxi. As of 2007, the market traded 28.3 million kilograms of raw tea materials, achieving a transaction value of 791 million yuan.

Significant Impact:
The Finished Tea Wholesale Market specializes in jasmine teas and other finished teas. Given Hengxian County’s leading production and quality of jasmine flowers nationwide, the county hosts more than 160 flower tea processing enterprises. Many of these enterprises have set up shops in the Finished Tea Wholesale Market, enriching the variety of flower teas available and enhancing the market’s competitiveness. This has played a pivotal role in promoting the Hengxian flower tea brand internationally and improving the market’s overall competitiveness.