Guangxi Administrative Divisions

As of 2017, Guangxi has jurisdiction over 14 prefecture-level cities, 111 county-level administrative districts (including 40 municipal districts, 8 county-level cities, 51 counties, and 12 autonomous counties), and 1,247 township-level administrative districts (including 120 streets, 722 towns, 346 townships, 59 ethnic townships). The government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is located at No. 2 Minsheng Road, Nanning.

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area( Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Nanning(南宁) 22,112 7,555,000(2016) Qingxiu District Qingxiu District(青秀区), Xingning District(兴宁区), Jiangnan District(江南区), Liangqing District(良庆区), Yongning District(邕宁区), Xixiangtang District(西乡塘区), Wuming District(武鸣区), Heng County(横县), Longan County(隆安县), Mashan County(马山县), Shanglin County(上林县), Binyang County(宾阳县)
Liuzhou(柳州) 18,618 2,616,700(2018) Chengzhong District Chengzhong District(城中区),Yufeng District(鱼峰区), Liunan District(柳南区), Liubei District(柳北区), Liujiang District(柳江区), Liucheng County(柳城县), Luzhai County(鹿寨县), Rong'an County(融安县), Rongshui Miao Autonomous County(融水苗族自治县), Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County(三江侗族自治县)
Guilin(桂林) 27,800 5,340,800(2017) Lingui District Xiufeng District (秀峰区), Xiangshan District (象山区), Diecai District (叠彩区), Qixing District (七星区), Yanshan District (雁山区), Lingui District (临桂区),  Lipu City (荔浦市), Yangshuo County (阳朔县), Lingchuan County (灵川县), Xing'an County (兴安县), Quanzhou County (全州县), Yongfu County (永福县), Ziyuan County (资源县), Guanyang County (灌阳县), Pingle County (平乐县), Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County (恭城瑶族自治县), Longsheng Various Nationalities Autonomous County (龙胜各族自治县)
Wuzhou(梧州) 12,588 3,475,000(2016) Changzhou District

Wanxiu District(万秀区), Changzhou District(长洲区), Longxu District(龙圩区), Cangwu County(苍梧县), Teng County(藤县), Mengshan County(蒙山县), Cenxi City(岑溪市)

Beihai(北海) 3,337 1,754,200(2017) Haicheng District Haicheng District(海城区), Yinhai District(银海区), Tieshangang District(铁山港区), Hepu County(合浦县)
Fangchenggang(防城港) 6,173 929,000(2016) Gangkou District Gangkou District(港口区), Fangcheng District(防城区), Shangsi County(上思县), Dongxing City(东兴市)
Qinzhou(钦州) 10,843 4,091,300(2016) Qinnan District Qinnan District(钦南区), Qinbei District(钦北区), Lingshan County(灵山县), Pubei County(浦北县)
Guigang(贵港) 10,606 5,557,100(2017) Gangbei District Gangbei District(港北区), Gangnan District( 港南区), Qintang District(覃塘区), Guiping City(桂平市), Pingnan County(平南县)
Yulin(玉林) 12,800 7,241,900(2017) Yuzhou District  Yuzhou District(玉州区), Fumian District(福绵区), Rong County(荣县), Luchuan County(陆川县), Bobai County(博白县), Xingye County(兴业县), Beiliu City(北流市)
Baise(百色) 36,252 4,171,700(2016) Youjiang District Tianyang County(田阳县), Tiandong County(田东县), Pingguo County(平果县), Debao County(德保县), Napo County(那坡县), Lingyun County(凌云县), Leye County(乐业县), Tianlin County(田林县), Xilin County(西林县), Longlin Various Nationalities Autonomous County(隆林各族自治县), Jingxi County(靖西市), Youjiang District(右江区)
Hezhou(贺州) 11,800 2,056,700(2017) Babu District Babu District(八步区), Pinggui District(平桂区), Zhaoping County(昭平县), Zhongshan County(钟山县), Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County(富川瑶族自治县)
Hechi(河池) 33,500 4,298,700(2017) Yizhou District

Yizhou District(宜州区), Jinchengjiang District(金城江区), Nandan County(南丹县), Tian'e County(天峨县), Fengshan County(凤山县), Donglan County(东兰县), Bama Yao Autonomous County(巴马瑶族自治县), Du'an Yao Autonomous County(都安瑶族自治县), Dahua Yao Autonomous County(大化瑶族自治县), Luocheng Mulao Autonomous County(罗城仫佬族自治县), Huanjiang Maonan Autonomous County(环江毛南族自治县)

Laibin(来宾) 13,411 2,685,600(2016) Xingbin District Xingbin District(兴宾区), Xiangzhou County(象州县), Wuxuan County(武宣县), Xincheng County(忻城县), Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County(金秀瑶族自治县), Heshan City(合山市)
Chongzuo(崇左) 17,440 2,488,000(2015) Jiangzhou District Jiangzhou District(江州区), Fusui County(扶绥县), Daxin County(大新县), Longzhou County(龙州县), Ningming County(宁明县), Tiandeng County(天等县), Pingxiang City(凭祥市)

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