Dongfang International Tea Wholesale Market in Shenzhen

Dongfang International Tea Wholesale Market in Shenzhen(深圳市的东方国际茶叶批发市场/深圳东方国际茶都) is located just across Longcheng Middle Road from Longgang District Government, Longcheng Square, and the Cultural and Sports Center. It falls within the commercial district of Longcheng Square Station on Shenzhen Metro Line 3. The Tea City has a building area of 41,200 square meters, housing 645 upscale shops. It specializes in tea products, featuring famous teas from across China, exquisite tea sets, tea art carvings, cultural items related to tea, and packaging materials. Over the years, it has cultivated partnerships with over 300 renowned tea merchants domestically and internationally, forming a comprehensive market and trade service platform. It is the highest-grade and most comprehensive tea trading center in Guangdong Province.

Commercial Introduction: Oriental Pearl City is situated at the intersection of Longcheng Middle Road and Longhe Road in the central city of Longgang, with immediate access to South China’s largest ecological cultural leisure square, Longcheng Square. Adjacent to Shenhu Highway and the property of Metro Line 3 station, the planned Metro Line 3 “Longcheng Square Station” and the redevelopment project are in close proximity. The area is well-served by multiple bus routes, ensuring convenient transportation.

Oriental Pearl City boasts complete supporting facilities in the vicinity, including a variety of leisure, entertainment, cultural, dining, large shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, schools, and hospitals. It features its own commercial space of over 33,000 square meters, focusing on mid-to-high-end retail, and is home to one of the world’s three largest retailers, Tesco from the UK.

Oriental Pearl City is the only community named after a pearl, comprising Blocks 1 to 7 with varying unit sizes. Blocks 1, 2, and 3 offer smaller unit types, while Blocks 4, 5, 6, and 7 offer larger layouts. Each floor plan is unique, with an emphasis on Block 4’s construction of a rooftop garden featuring pavilions and a swimming pool, creating a tranquil and beautiful environment. The project includes a large shopping plaza, Joy Buys. It is close to Longcheng Square, Longgang Central City, Longgang Cultural Center, large libraries, CR Vanguard, World Trade Department Store, and the Electronics World. Nearby amenities include Ailian Primary School, Oriental International Tea City, Longgang River, and excellent transportation links, making it suitable for both residential and office purposes.

Key Values:

  1. Panoramic views of Longcheng, offering a comprehensive view of the city.
  2. Immediate proximity to Longcheng Square.
  3. Complete supporting facilities, located in the core area of ​​the central district, at the intersection of new and old areas.
  4. Convenient transportation, with access to Metro Line 3 Longcheng Square Station exit; direct access to Qingping, Nanping, Shuiguan Expressways; widened and beautified Shenhu Road, with dual eight-lane traffic.
  5. Rare unit types: each unit includes additional enjoyment area; indoor sky gardens overlooking Longgang; most units come with private gardens; excellent natural light and ventilation, enhancing living quality.
  6. Rich educational resources, surrounded by prestigious schools.
  7. Longgang Central City, an established area for living convenience with its own commercial facilities.
  8. Guaranteed architectural quality with meticulous craftsmanship; constructed by Jiangsu Huajian, known for its artistic approach in previous projects such as Venice Hotel, Porto Fino, Champs Elysées Garden, and the He Xiangning Art Museum.