Silver Cave (Yinziyan) in Lipu City, Guilin

Why is Silver Cave So Special?

Numerous crystal stalactites extend from the roof of the cave like stars in a falling Milky Way. They glitter like silver and diamonds under the colorful lights, giving the cave its name: Silver Cave. Because of the image attached to the name, there is a saying: “One will never be down and out as long as one reaches the Silver Cave”. The majestic, other-worldly features make the cave an outstanding example in the world of karst landscape.

Where is Silver Cave

Silver Cave is located in Maling Town of Lipu County, about 85 kilometers (53 miles) south to the city center of Guilin and 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Yangshuo. It is the largest karst cave in Guilin and fully shows the charm of the typical karst landform in south China.

Main Attraction of Silver Cave

Along the narrow path, there are various fascinating stalactites and stalagmites formed in different geological ages.  For hundreds of thousands of years, water containing lime has been dripping slowly in caves, creating this natural landscape.  The lifelike stalactites are shaped like columns, towers, waterfalls, curtains and even human figures.  When tourists stand in such a magnificent crystal palace, they will marvel at the art of nature.

The Three Wonders and Three Treasures in Silver Cave

There are 28 scenic spots in the Silver Cave, including “Three Wonders” and “Three Treasures”.

The three incomparable wonders are snow mountain waterfalls, music screens and jade pool wonderland. In the snow-capped mountain waterfall, tourists are bathed in the flickering light of caves. All the walls are covered with snow and stalactites are stacked like silver waterfalls. Tourists will feel as if they are in a world of ice and snow surrounded by waterfalls. The music screen consists of stones of different heights and thicknesses. When tapping them lightly, tourists can hear melodious tunes. It is easy to lose yourself in wonderful scenes. In Jade Pool Wonderland, tourists may wonder whether the water is really colorful. In fact, the reflection in the lake is constantly changing due to subtle changes in light. Some tourists claim that this kind of scenery can only be found in heaven.

The Three Treasures are the Preacher Buddha, Hunyuan Pearl Umbrella and Single Pillar. The sermon Buddha stalactites look like Buddha sitting cross-legged on the platform. It is said that he is speaking Buddhist scriptures. His devout students came to listen to his lectures and would not leave. Hunyuan pearl umbrella is a stalactite, like the legendary magic umbrella, used to pray for rain and subdue demons. Its unique shape, thick middle and thin ends are still difficult problems for geologists. A single pillar went straight down to the ground, while many branches spread out like trees. Visitors were surprised by the power of nature when watching this scene.

In addition, an underground river winds through the cave and extends to the green lake outside. Tourists can take a boat tour. Outside the Silver Cave, tourists can see Chaozhai Mountain suddenly rising from the ground. The farmhouses gathered at the foot of the mountain to create a pastoral scene. Pleasant climate, cool breeze and pleasant scenery enable tourists to forget their worries. In addition, tourists can attend annual local festivals such as Lipu Flower Festival, Chestnut Festival and Food Festival. There are also opportunities for cycling and rock climbing.

Best Time to Travel Silver Cave

The best travel time is April to October.

Guilin has a relatively low latitude. Belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate. Generally speaking, Guilin has a mild climate with distinct seasons and excellent climatic conditions. The annual average temperature is 19.3℃, which is said to be “less snow in three winters and flowers in four seasons”. When traveling to Guilin, the best season is from April to October each year, during which there will be two golden weeks of “may day” and “November”, which is also the peak period of tourism. Guilin with suitable climate will have many tourists, room reservation and transportation will also enter a climax, and the price will rise compared with usual. therefore, it is better to avoid this time and choose an off-season to travel and appreciate the beauty of the world.

How To Get  There

  • From Guilin: Catch a bus at Guilin General Bus Station to Lipu County and remind the driver to drop you off at Silver Cave. Then, walk northeast for about 5 minutes, you will get to the scenic area. The bus is available from 6:00 to 20:10.
  • From Yangshuo: You can take a bus from the opposite of Yangshuo Park to Silver Cave, and the buses leave at 8:30, 9:30, 11:30, 14:30 and 16:30.

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee CNY 65
Free for children under 1.4m (4.6 ft)
Opening Hours 8:30 – 17:30

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