Silk Street in Beijing

Why is Silk Street so Special?

Used to be an outdoor market, it now becomes a shopping mall, which accommodates over 1,000 retailers and is regarded as one of the symbols of Beijing together with the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and roast duck. Many foreign visitors, including some celebrities, enjoy Silk Market Beijing for shopping or having their clothes tailor-made.

Where is Silk Street?

Silk Market Beijing, aka Silk Street, Xiushui Street or Xiushui Market, is a prosperous shopping market in the city, located at No. 8 East Xiushui Street, Chaoyang District.

Main Attraction of Silk Street

Office Area, Tongrentang Pharmacy,  Food Area (Patio Pizza, Zheng Yi Yuan Restaurant…)
International Jewelry Exchange Centre, Boutiques, Huaxia Bank, Supermarket, Teahouse
Jewelries, Jade Articles, Antiques, Calligraphy and Paintings, Tea, Porcelain, Folk Handicrafts, Rugs, Cosmetics, Watches, Glasses, Stationery, Outdoor Supplies, Electrical Appliances, Digital Products, CDs/DVDs,  Nail Salon, Foot Massage
3F Tailor’s Shop, Scarves, Ties, Chinese Clothing, Pajamas, Silk Bedding, Children’s Wear, Toys, Silk Carpets,  Nail Salon, Foot Massage, ATM
2F Clothes, Boutique Corridor, Bedding,  Nail Salon, Foot Massage, Money Exchange, ATM
1F Clothes, Cafes, Information Desk, ATM
B1 Suitcases & Bags, Shoes,  Hats, Leatherwear, CDs/DVDs, Electronics Maintainence, Gift Packing, KFC, Money Exchange
B2 Office Area, Post Office, Food Area
B3 Parking Lot

Although there are various commodities in Xiushui Street, silk is the most attractive. Even the Silk Museum is built on the third floor. Eighteen retailers that have been providing high-quality silk for many years are located there, including some long-standing Chinese brands such as Ruifuxiang, Shengxifu and Neiliansheng. Ruifuxiang specializes in producing high quality silk. Sheng Xifu is a 90-year-old shop that mainly produces hats and is famous for its selection of materials and craftsmanship. Built in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Neiliansheng is famous for his Chinese cloth shoes. On the third floor, you can buy authentic Chinese silk clothes, such as Tang costumes and cheongsam. Or you can have the tailor shop make something for you or your family immediately. People can also experience the traditional silk making method in the Silk Museum and learn about this ancient Chinese art.

As well as silk and other traditional Chinese goods, such as tea, porcelain, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese jade and so on. They are available on the fourth floor. On this level, you can find some special Chinese skills, such as palm painting.

Best Time to Travel Silk Street

September and October are the best travel times.

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Beijing. As autumn grows stronger, the leaves of various trees are still fresh green, some are beginning to yellow, and some are brilliant red and flowery. Around October, the red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain became more and more red and more colorful. People who climbed the mountain to admire the red leaves came in an endless stream. In the morning after the autumn rain, the air was clear and clear.

How to Get There

  • Take Bus 28, 43, 120, 126, 403, 639, 673, or Night Bus 24 to Yong’anli Lukou Bei and walk south for 3 minutes to the market; or take Bus 1, 9, 619, 668, 668 Express, or Night Bus 1 to Yong’anli Lukou Xi and walk east for 5 minutes to get there.
  • Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Yonganli.

Useful Travel Tips

If you want to enjoy the ultimate Chinese shopping, the first floor and the second floor should not be missed. On these two floors, you can bargain freely in the boutique corridor. Here are some suggestions to consider when shopping:

  • The most basic and important skill here is to be able to bargain. When you bargain with the seller, you don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed. This is a part of everyday life in China, so you can try your best to reduce the price by 10% to 30%.
  • You should know that almost all the world famous brands here are imitations, because selling fake luxury designer brands at relatively low prices will win local and international reputation. If you like, you can buy some very valuable things.
  • Walk around, you need to remember to go to different shops and ask the price of the goods you want to buy in Beijing silk market. In this way, you can buy your goods at the lowest price. At the same time, if the product is not perfect, remember to check the quality carefully and ask for better.
    When you buy electronic products in the market, you should check the quality carefully. However, if you prefer to focus on shape rather than quality, you can buy anything you like without hesitation. But remember, no matter what kind of goods you buy, you have to bargain.

There are both good restaurants and small restaurants in the market, so when you are tired, you can have a rest and relax. Reputable institutions such as Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, as well as some famous coffee and chain restaurants such as lavazza, Spring Coffee and Subway have stores in the building. Have a good time!

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