Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing

29Where is Mutianyu Great Wall?

Mutianyu Great Wall is a section of the Great Wall of China located in Huairou District within the city limits of Beijing 70 kilometres northeast of the center of the city. The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall is connected with Jiankou in the west and Lianhuachi in the east.

Why is Mutianyu Great Wall So Special?

Mutianyu Great Wall is famous for its breath-taking scenery. As one of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall, the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall used to serve as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial tombs. Watchtowers are densely distributed along the Great Wall. Woods cover over ninety-six percent of the total scenic area. Flowers bloom all over the mountains in spring. Grasses dress the hillside green in summer. Trees are laden with sweet fruit in autumn, and especially in October, leaves turn red or yellow, touching the mountain tops with gold. In winter, the wall is covered by snow, making it more magnificent.

History of Mutianyu Great Wall

First built in the mid-6th century during the Northern Qi, the Mutianyu section is older than the Badaling section of the Great Wall. In 1569, the Mutianyu Great Wall was rebuilt and till today most parts of it are well preserved. The Mutianyu Great Wall has the largest construction scale and best quality among all sections of Great Wall.

Main Attractions of Mutianyu Great Wall

The Mutianyu Pass consists of three watchtowers, one big in the centre and two smaller on both sides. Built mainly with granite, the wall is 7 to 8.5 metres high and the top is 4 to 5 metres wide. Compared with other sections of Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall possesses unique characteristics in its construction. Watchtowers are densely placed along this section of the Great Wall – 22 watchtowers on this 2,250-metre stretch.

How to Get to Mutianyu Great Wall?

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Independent Travel

Bus 916 from Dongzhimen to Huairou Town plus local minibus to Mutianyu is the fastest public transportation option: about 2 hours. Bus 916 runs frequently — about every 20 minutes.

Useful Travel Tips 

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Mutianyu’s Great Wall is in spring and autumn. In winter, it is chilly in the wind, and could be quite slippery on the wall when it snows. In summer, it is hot and there is full exposure to the sun on the wall.

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