Luhuitou Peninsula in Sanya

Why is Luhuitou Peninsula So Special?

The Huitou Park provides you with picturesque scenery of Sanya. Luhuitou Peninsula is located at the foot of Luhuitou Mountain, where you can enjoy all kinds of tropical fish and coral. The top of Luhuitou Mountain is an excellent place to enjoy the panoramic view of the nearby ocean and also the sunrise and sunset. As Sanya’s only Peak Park, it is also the only beautiful place overlooking Sanya’s panoramic view, especially at night. The vast sea and natural scenery make it an excellent place for your vacation.

Where is Luhuitou Peninsula

About 5 km (3 miles) south of Sanya City in Hainan Province lies the Luhuitou Hill extending in the shape of an enthralling deer looking back. This hill is very same with the one mentioned in the legend of the Li Minority Group.

Legend of Luhuitou Peninsula

Legend has it that there lived a hardworking and brave hunter in Wuzhishan area. One day, while hunting in the mountains, the young man met a charming deer. He chased the deer for about nine days in kuya, crossing countless hills and valleys. After reaching the edge of Luhuitou Cliff, the deer had no choice but to flee to the churning sea below. Just as the hunter was about to shoot an arrow at the deer, it miraculously turned into a beautiful and charming girl. Surprisingly, the deer turned out to be a fairy and liked the excellent qualities of the young man. She took a fancy to the seaside around Sanya and brought the man here as a deer. They fell in love, got married and later settled in a village here. As a result, hills, peninsulas and villages have been named Luhuitou. Sanya is also called “Lucheng”.

Main Attractions to See near to Luhuitou Peninsula

Luhuitou mountain

Luhuitou Mountain, about 280 meters (918 feet) above sea level, is the main peak of Luhuitou Peninsula. This is a pleasant place to enjoy sunrise and sunset and overlook the downtown of Sanya. At the foot of the mountain, you can see all kinds of marine creatures, including starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea anemones and jellyfish. There is an old tree with many ribbons hanging on its branches, symbolizing people’s eternal love for prayer. At the top of the mountain stands a 12-meter-high granite statue. The design of this statue is very unique. It consists of a deer looking back, flanked by young hunter Li and beautiful fairy, visually reminding this unforgettable legend.

Luhuitou Park

The area around the statue has become a park called Luhuitou Park. The park has Halley’s Comet Observatory, White Pavilion (Pavilion to Listen to Tides), Romantic lover island, Monkey Mountain and other scenic spots.

Best Time to Visit

From November to March next year. Although it is winter in China, the climate in Sanya is tropical. The weather here is warm and there are fewer rainy days or storms compared with other periods in Sanya. As Sanya’s only Peak Park, it is an excellent place to have a bird’s eye view of Sanya, especially at night when all lights are on.

How to Get to Luhuitou Peninsula

  • Take bus 26 to Luhuitou Gongyuan (Luhuitou Peninsula) station.
  • Take bus 54, 55 or tourist bus to Luhuitou Fengjingqu (Luhuitou Peninsula Scenic Area) station.

Useful Travel Tips

Ticket Fare CNY 35 for entrance;
CNY 15 for the round-trip tourist bus.
Opening Hours 7:30 – 21:00
  • In order to avoid sunburn, sun-bloc, hats and sunglasses are necessary. Summer clothes are suitable at most times as the annual average temperature is 75-85 °F (25-30 °C). But from January to March, long-sleeved T-shirts or similar should be taken as the temperatures in the morning and evening are low.
  • when eating seafood, drink some white wine and rice vinegar, but eating seafood is not suitable for drinking beer.
  • Seafood is rich in high protein. People who are prone to protein allergy should not eat too much
  • Pineapple and carambola cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. Especially people with diabetes can’t eat carambola
  • There are many peddlers in Luhuitou Peninsula. If you have no intention of buying, you’d better firmly refuse at the beginning.

Nearby Attractions

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