Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya

Why is Wuzhizhou Island So Special?

Wuzizhou Island was called Guqin Island in ancient times. The island is 2500 meters long from east to west and 1100 meters wide from north to south. The highest cliffs in the east and south are 79.9 meters above sea level, while the west and north are covered with snow. There are more than 2,000 kinds of plants on the island. The sea around the island, especially in the south, has a large number of intact corals. Besides the beautiful tropical scenery, exciting water sports are another option to experience the island.

Where is Wuzhizhou Island?

It is located 30km away from Sanya downtown and 38 kilometers from Sanya Fenghuang International Airport. It is north or Nanwan Monkey Island and south to Yalong Bay.

Main Attractions to See near to Wuzhizhou Island

Lover Bridge

The bridge is located next to the dock on the island. The Lover Bridge used to be a steel cable bridge and an observation station for the island’s army. It takes a lot of courage and courage to walk on this rickety steel cable bridge. Some young women want to go to the end of the observatory to see what they can see, but they are afraid of falling into the sea, so they will hold their boyfriend’s hand tightly and will never let go. This is a story about the bridge. Later, considering the safety of tourists, the steel cable bridge was transformed into what now looks like a slab bridge.

White Beach

It is regarded as Maldives in China. It is named after its soft white sand beach. White beach is the only beach you can swim on. Swimming is not allowed on other beaches on the island.

Sun-view Rock

White Sand Beach is located at the edge of a cliff in the southeast of Wuzhishou Island. Standing on the rock, you can have a bird’s eye view of the island. This is also the perfect place to watch the sunrise in the morning. If you decide to spend the night enjoying the sunrise, please ask the sunrise time of your hotel and they will be happy to provide you with information.

Sea-view Gallery

On the west side of the island, there is a coastal wooden corridor and platform. Tourists can walk along corridors and platforms and enjoy wonderful seascapes. In addition, as there are many rocks in this area, you can see many crabs “walking” on the rocks. If you are lucky, you can also see groups of tropical fish on the platform.

Besides the above scenic spots, you can also go to many other beautiful scenic spots, such as Pojing Pavilion, Songpu Temple, Zoo, etc.

Restaurant in Wuzhizhou Island

Apart from the natural attractions on the island, tourists will certainly be satisfied with the pleasant dining facilities here.  In the south of the island, there are buffet lunch restaurants, pirate bar, seafood pool and Chinese restaurants all provide delicious food.  The summer western restaurant in the east corner and the winter western restaurant in the west corner also offer delicious food.  Lobster, prawn, crab, conch, sea cucumber and jellyfish caught locally will make your mouth water!  In addition, the island is rich in fruits.  Bananas, coconuts, mangoes and other tropical fruits are abundant and cheap.

Best Time to Visit

September to April in next year. The weather is cool with less rain or storm.

The weather in Sanya is like summer all year round, which is very good for tourists who don’t like cold winter at all. The best time to visit Sanya is from October to March of the following year. The sunshine is bright and the rainfall is less, avoiding the hottest time in summer and rainy season. In summer, the weather will be very hot and the ultraviolet rays will be very strong, and because it is summer vacation, more students and families will come to visit, so it will be very crowded. By the way, October to March is also the peak season. Hotel and flight prices will be higher. You’d better book your tickets in advance.

  • Annual Temperature: 25.7 ℃
  • Rainy Season: June to October
  • Hottest Time: July and August
  • Crowded Season: Late Jan. or early Feb. (Chinese Spring Festival);

                                           first week of May (Labor Day);

                                           first week of October (National Day)

Notice: Better to avoid these periods since the price for hotel and transportation may be higher and it’s crowded everywhere.

How to Get There

  • 1. From downtown, take bus 28 or Haitangwan 1 to the Wuzhizhou Island Wharf, or take a taxi to the wharf. The price is around CNY100 but you need to bargain with the driver. Upon arrival, buy the entrance ticket at the tourist center and then take a 15-minute boat ride to the island. From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, there are boats departing to the island every 20 minutes. The last returning boat departs at 5:30 pm.
  • 2. From Sanya Phoenix Airport, you can take bus 27 and get off at Yalong Bay (Asian Dragon Bay) Railway Station and then transfer to bus 28 to the island wharf. If you take a taxi from the airport to the wharf, the price is about CNY 130 and a one-way trip takes about 50 minutes.

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee (including round trip boat tickets) May – Sep.: CNY 144;
Oct. – Apr.: CNY 136;
Free for children under 1.2m.
Opening Hours 08:30~17:30, last entry at 16:00
Recommended Time for a Visit One day
  • There are outlets on the island where one can rent diving equipment and under-water cameras.
  •  In order to avoid sunburn, sun-bloc, hats and sunglasses are necessary. Summer clothes are suitable at most times as the annual average temperature is 75-85 °F (25-30 °C). But from January to March, long-sleeved T-shirts or similar should be taken as the temperatures in the morning and evening are low.
  • when eating seafood, drink some white wine and rice vinegar, but eating seafood is not suitable for drinking beer.
  • Seafood is rich in high protein. People who are prone to protein allergy should not eat too much
  • Pineapple and carambola cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. Especially people with diabetes can’t eat carambola
  • There are many peddlers in Tianya and Haijiao. If you have no intention of buying, you’d better firmly refuse at the beginning.

Nearby Attractions

Edited by Doreen/张洋