Happy Valley of Xilamuren Grassland in Hohhot

Useful Travel Tips in Happy Valley of Xilamuren Grassland


Local four-star hotel, safe, quiet and comfortable. Listen to the Mongolian Long Tune folk song, Homai and Ma Tou Qin in the UN intangible cultural heritage protection list.

What to Pack

Xilamuren Grassland is at an altitude of 1700 meters with strong ultraviolet and changeable weather. Travelers should pack sunhat, sunglasses, sun cream and light jacket and umbrella, etc.


The recommended specialties include Kumiss, Mongolian Roast Lamb, Cooked Mutton, Mongolia Milk Tea, Finger Mutton, Butter, Sour Milk, Shaomai, Buckwheat Flour etc.


Riding a horse freely could be relaxing and memorable experience. But, you should follow some rules and ensure your own safety. 1. Wear casual cloth and comfortable shoes; 2. When get on/off the horse, don’t touch their crupper; 3. Don’t follow other horses closely and stay in a safe distance; 4. The grassland is vast and follow the route to do horse riding; 5. When the horse is out of control, please catch and tense the rein and yell “Yu, Yu, Yu…”.

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