Gubeikou Great Wall in Beijing

Why is Gubeikou Great Wall So Special

Generally speaking, the Great Wall of Gubeikou includes Simatai and other sections of the Great Wall. What we are talking about here is a section near Hexi Village, where the battlefield of Gubeikou was located during the Great Wall War of Resistance. Unlike the wild Great Wall elsewhere, there are other buildings around the Great Wall, such as the old Xinggong Palace. Therefore, besides the section of the Great Wall, there are also scenic spots such as Yang Linggong Temple, Panlong Mountain and Gubeikou Anti-Japanese War Site.

Where is Gubeikou Great Wall in Beijing

Gubeikou Great Wall is located in Miyun County, Beijing, 120 kilometers away from Beijing. It is a must for military strategists of all dynasties. From ancient times to now, it is the throat stronghold of the inland to Songliao Plain and Inner Mongolia. It is one of the important gates of the Great Wall and one of the throat strongholds of the Great Wall.

Main Attractions

Enemy Tower
The general building and the twenty-four eye building are the essence of architecture. The general building is located at the commanding point of Panlong mountain. There are four arrow windows in the north and the south, three in the East and three in the west, one in the East, one in the south, one in the West and one in the north. Each floor has three arrow windows, a total of 24 holes. But at present, the 24-eye building has been blown up half by Japan, and it is incomplete. The whole ancient Beikou Great Wall has not been artificially repaired. It has a sense of vicissitudes of life. The broken walls and bullet-eyeballs make people feel as if they were in the era of fierce war. In the sunset, people cry.

Qi Great Wall
The Great Wall of Gubeikou is located in the south of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. When Qi Jiguang restored the Great Wall of Gubeikou in 1569, he retained the Great Wall of the Northern Qi Dynasty and pasted wall bricks outside the wall, forming the famous double Great Wall of Gubeikou. At present, the Great Wall of Biqi still retains the famous beacon tower of the Great Flower Tower, and has seven famous crossings, which played an important role in protecting and protecting the Great Wall in history.

How to Get There

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Dongzhimen and Xizhimen Bus Station take the long-distance bus from Chengde, Luanping, Paddock and Fengning to Gubeikou Toll Station, or take No. 980 to Miyun Bus Station at Dongzhimen Bus Station, then transfer to Zhongba.


Starting from Beijing, you will leave the Siyuan Bridge, go along Jingshun Road to Kuliushu Huandao, take the direction of Miyun, cross Niulanshan Huandao, go straight along 101 National Highway, and then through Miyun County Town and Taishitun, we can reach Gubeikou Town.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Ticket

Gubeikou Great Wall consists of Wohushan Great Wall, Panlongshan Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. The tickets for Wohushan Great Wall and Panlongshan Great Wall are 25 yuan, 40 yuan for Simatai Great Wall and 65 yuan for Jinshanling Great Wall (55 yuan for peak season).


Some sections are ruins and broken walls. It’s better not to go when there’s a strong wind. It’s dangerous.

Environmental Protection

Please pay attention to environmental protection and remember, “Don’t take anything away except photographs, and leave nothing behind except footprints.”

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