E’ling Park (Goose Neck Park) in Chongqing

E’ling Park 

Eling Park, also called Goose Neck Park , lies on Eling Mountain to the west of Chongqing City. It offers a grand view of both the Yangtze River and Jialing River. The mountain is high and steep and towers into the sky as if watching over the mountain city of Chongqing. Eling Park was built during the late period of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). Originally, it was a private garden and called “Yiyuan”. Later, a rich businessman purchased the place, converting it to a villa and naming it “Liyuan”. 

Why is Eling Park special

Literally meaning “Goose Neck” in Chinese, Eling Park is located at Changjiang Road, Yuzhong district of Chongqing. It is also on the narrow and steep mountain ridge where the Yangtze River and Jialing River traverse. The park is the best place for overlooking the night view of Chongqing City and enjoying the beautiful landscape on river banks. It is also celebrated as “the most beautiful scenery in mountain city – Chongqing.”

Introduction of E’ling Park

The Origin of The Name E’ling Park

A friend of the garden’s owner, calligrapher named Zhaoxi, felt the topography of the mountain resembled a goose’s head, so he wrote down two Chinese words (means Eling Mountain) to the owner. The owner was very happy and immediately he carved and set up a stone tablet titling the garden “Eling”. This is the origin of the name of Eling Park.


Eling park, formerly known as, originally is the villa of Li Yaoting, a rich merchant and the first chairman of Chongqing commerce chamber in the late Qing dynasty. In the late Qing dynasty Xuantong emperor period (1909-1909), Yunnan En’an salt merchants Li Yaoting and his father like the beauty in Eling, therefore they build gardens here, and it is the first private garden of Chongqing.

In 1950, Eling Park was used as a military sight. The park displays the typical layout of Suzhou gardens. There are pavilions, platforms, high buildings, winding paths and corridors, lotus ponds, and arc bridges throughout the whole garden.

Main Sceneries

The Eling Park displays the layout of Suzhou gardens. There are various kinds of pavilions, platforms, high buildings, winding paths and corridors, lotus ponds and arc bridges in the garden. Additionally, there are potted landscape gardens with characteristic. The man-made landscapes on the mountain look quite elegant.

In the park, you can take a grand view of both Jialing River and Yangtze River as well as the Chongqing skyline. Additionally, there are potted landscaped gardens, each with its own unique characteristics.

How to Get There

  • By bus
    Taking No.808, 318, 503 and 210 to Liziba Stop.
    Taking No.829 to Eling Park stop.
    Taking No. 416, 418, 421, 413, 463, 466, 268 and 819 to Eling stop.
  • By subway
    Taking Line 1 to Eling station, get off at exit 2A.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐