Dongdan Park in Beijing

Why is Dongdan Park so Special?

The southern part of Dongdan Park is facilitated with ponds and children playgrounds while the eastern corner allows visitors to take a stroll along the artificial mountain. The western side of the park has long corridor as well as artificial cave as well. There is a hill at the northern part of the park in which the land is covered thoroughly by trees. Frankly speaking, this is really a great place for you to relax and take a short stroll. It is hard to find such a wonderful place within the city center of Beijing.

Where is Dongdan Park?

Address: No. 106 Chongwenmennei Avenue Dongcheng Dis.

Features of Dongdan Park

Although it has recently been most in the news because the controversial fact that in evenings and late at night DongDan Park secretly transforms into the hottest and most popular gay pick-up spot in Beijing, there is much more to the Park than just this.

In Daytime things are completely different and the Park is the scene of playing children, resting Grandfathers, groups doing Tai Chi or playing Mah Yong. This is the normal situation at the Park. DongDan Park most of all is a modest but welcome getaway used by the locals to make their life more enjoyable.

Another popular feature of the Park is located in its South-East corner near the Entrance. Here a small ceramics store for years has been the trusted house-hold supplier for the local Hutong citizens. If you are in need of a large vase, but for a reasonable price, you might try here. May do so !

Highlights of Liulichang Cultural Street

Dongdan Park covers an area of 47700 square meters is located right in the middle of the busting city. There are over 8000 trees here and at the same time, blooming flowers are everywhere throughout the park. According to the history, this area used to be the southern countryside of Yuan Dadu. However, in Ming Dynasty, the city wall of had been moved slightly to the south and thus, this area was circled within the area of Beijing city. In year 1901, the park had been listed within the area of embassy and soon became the training site for the armies of foreign countries. Moreover it had been used as the temporary airport in year 1948 as well. Finally in year 1955, the area was approved to be opened as Dongdan Park which it remains until today.

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How to Get to Dongdan Park

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Independent Traveler

Because of its hidden away location and its small size it is easy to overlook DongDan Park, especially when trolling around in the evening. However the Dongdan Park is most easily reached and located very centrally in the City.
To make matters clear, it lies not to far from busy Wanfujing Shopping Street, and in fact is situated just one block from its Southern Ending at Chang An Avenue.

For easy directions, if you are coming from the East and ChaoYang District, just stop at the Eastern Entrance to Oriental Plaza, which is located at the intersection of DongDan Bei Dajie’ (DongDan North Street) and Dong Chang An (East Eternal Peace) Avenue. From there, simply walk south, cross over the traffic and intersection and follow ChongwenMen Nei Dajie’ until reaching the Park Gate.

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