Yuquan Mountain in Beijing

Why is Yuquan Mountain so Special?

The name of “Yuquan” was firstly known in “History of Jin”, and the springs here were named as “Yuquan” due to they were “as clear and blue water as jade”, and the mountain was known as the “Yuquan Mountain”. It has been a famous landscape resort in suburb of Beijing since ancient times.

Where is Yuquan Mountain

Address: Yuquanshan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100062, China

Situated in the foot of the Western Hills and the west side of the Summer Palace in Haidian District of Beijing, Yuquan Mountain is a geomantic treasure land decorated with special rocks, quiet caves, alive streams and flowing springs. 

Highlights of Yuquan Mountain

With extremely beautiful scenes and a series of Buddhism cultural relics  of the Three Kingdoms, Yuquan Mountain becomes a scenic spot integrated with natural and human landscapes. As one of the most ancient Buddhist temples, Yuquan Temple has the King Hall, the Great Buddha’s Hall and the Hannya Hall.

Jingming Garden

Jingming Garden (Garden of Tranquility and Brightness) is situated outside the Xiaodongmen of Yuquan Mountain, and the west of Kunming Lake of the Summer Palace. Covering an area of 75 hectares including 13 hectares of water, it is the scenery resort of west suburb of Beijing.

The temporary imperial palace of “Chengxin Park” was constructed here in the 19th year of Kangxi Period in Qing Dynasty (1680). It was renamed as the Jingming Garden in the 31st year of Kangxi (1692) as a royal forbidden garden. It was extended in the 15th year of Qianlong Period (1750), which was basically finished in three years.

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How to Get to Yuquan Mountain

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Independent Traveler

  1. The bus from the Summer Palace to yuquan mountain road, can take 469 road, drive from the west fourth ring road have yuquan mountain road exit, the west fifth ring road can pass the west side of yuquan mountain.
  2. Take bus no. 331 696 from the Summer Palace to the forestry research institute stop
  3. From Beijing station mouth east, take no. 728 down (wuyi garden – laoshan bus station), get off at muxiidi east, take no. 5 transfer at muxiidi north (Beijing south station south square – xiangquan ring island), and arrive at niniang house. About 26.07 km.

Useful Travel Tips 

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