Qujing Shopping

Qujing is a relatively developed city in Yunnan, abundant in natural resources and specialties. There are many Qujing local products that people are deserved buying. The unique Huize Porphyry Copper Ware and Luliang elaborate Grass Woven Products are the local specialties in addition to Xuanwei Ham and Luliang dried salted duck. 

What to buy in Qujing

Xuanwei Ham

Xuanwei Ham is reputed as one of the three most famous types of hams in China, the other types being Jinhua Ham from Zhejiang and Rugao Ham from jiangsu. It is named after its producing place—Xuan­wei of Yunnan Province and is also called Yunnan Han Ham. A local pig called Wumeng Pig is selected as the material, and generally it is pre­served during the time from me first frost to the spring of the next year. It should experience half a year' s natural fermenting after being pre­served. It features small bones, thin skins, rich flesh, tender meat, fragrant aroma, and beautiful color. It can be kept for a long time.

Huize Porphyry Copper Ware

Huize Porphyry Copper Ware is a national intangible cultural heritage. It’s made by a series of traditional technologies. It’s gorgeous and exquisite. Taking it as a souvenir or a present for friends are really great.

Where to buy in Qujing

You can go shopping in the Square of Headstream of Pearl River and Meijiahua Qilin Commerce Square.

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