Qujing Culture

 Qujing had become the place where culture of Central Plain and cultures of ethnic minority groups converge ever since Zhuangqiao, general of Warring States Period (475-221 BC) entered Yunnan and the construction of post road in Qin Dynasty(221-207 BC). During the historical changes in more than 2,000 years, distinctive cultures has developed, like Cuan culture, Langtang culture, Tongshang culture and ethnic customs. Qujing City has a charming ethnic style. There are the hospital Yi ethnic minorities, the eclusive and mysterious Shui ethnic minorities, and the Yao ethnic minorities who are good at dancing and singing.

1.Ethnic Groups in Zhanyi District of Qujing

Qujing is the second largest city by population after Kunming, among them, Han people accounts for a large percentage about 92% and the minorities population is 7% of the total population in Qujing. They are Yi, Hui, Miao, Zhuang, Buyi, Shui, Bai, Hani, Dai and Lishu who have their own language, costume, custom and beliefs. The charming folk customs attract many visitors all over the world. 

2. Traditional Ethnic Villages

There are 16 traditional ethnic villages.

Liangdi Village of Majie Town in Luliang County, Qujing(曲靖市陆良县马街镇良迪村)
Yongjia Village of Fanghua Town in Luliang County, Qujing(曲靖市陆良县芳华镇雍家村)
Ningying Village of Luoshui Town in Xuanwei City, Qujing(曲靖市宣威市落水镇宁营自然村)
Guanshang Village of Yangliu Town in Xuanweu County, Qujing(曲靖市宣威县杨柳乡可渡村委会关上村)
Huashujiao Village in Xuanwei County, Qujing(曲靖市宣威市东山镇芙蓉村委会花树脚自然村)
Fule Village of Fule Town in Luoping County, Qujing(曲靖市罗平县富乐镇富乐村委会富乐村)
Lazhe Village of lubuge Town in Luoping County, Qujing(曲靖市罗平县鲁布革布依族苗族乡罗斯村委会腊者村)
Dacun Village of Yuezhou Town in Qilin District, Qujing(曲靖市麒麟区越州镇潦浒社区大村)
Qingkou Village of Zhujie Subdistrict Office in Qilin District, Qujing(曲靖市麒麟区珠街街道办事处箐口村)
Baiwu Village in Huize County, Qujing(曲靖市会泽县娜姑镇白雾村)
Zika Village of Maming Town in Malong County, Qujing(曲靖市马龙县马鸣乡咨卡村)
Huangtupo Village of Jiuxian Town in Malong County, Qujing(曲靖市马龙县旧县镇黄土坡村)
Songlin Village of Huashan Subdistrict Office in Zhanyi District, Qujing(曲靖市沾益区花山街道松林村)
Dacun Village of Dapo Town in Zhanyi County, Qujing(曲靖市沾益县大坡乡河尾村委会大村)
Dachong Village of Zhuji Town in Shizong County, Qujing(曲靖市师宗县竹基镇大冲村)
Shuji Village of Zhuji Town in Shizong County, Qujing(曲靖市师宗县竹基镇淑基村)

3. Ethnic Towns in Qujing

There are 8 ethnic towns in Qujing.

Lubuge Buyi Ethnic Town of Luoping County in Qujing(罗平县鲁布革布依族乡)
Jiuwuji Yi Ethnic Town of Luoping County in Qujing(罗平县旧屋基彝族乡)
Changdi Buyi Ethnic Town of Luoping County in Qujing(罗平县长底布依族乡)
Gugan Shui Ethnic Town of Fuyuan County in Qujing(富源县古敢水族乡)
Xinjie Hui Autonomous Town in Huize County, Qujing(会泽新街回族乡)
Longqing Zhuang Ethnic Town of Shizong County in Qujing(师宗县龙庆彝族壮族乡)
Wulong Zhuang Ethnic Town of Shizong County in Qujing(师宗县五龙壮族乡)
Gaoliang Zhuang, Miao and Yao Ethnic Town of Shizong County in Qujing(师宗县高良壮族苗族瑶族乡)

3. Ethnic Festivals

Festivals are a major feature of ethnic minorities. In Qujing, every ethnic groups celebrates their own festival, such as the Dance Flower Festival and Torch Festival, The Festival on February 2nd  and The Festival on March 3rd.