Puer Dining

What to Eat in Puer

Puer is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and rich in various food materials which play an important role in Puer dining. People of Yi, Hani, Dai are inclined to sour and spicy flavor. There are some specialties with reasonable price.

1. Ba Ba Food

Water nut-shaped Ba Ba, thin and soft, not greasy, is a popular food in Jingdong, Zhenyuan, Jinggu, Mojiang and Simao area, which are usually used for entertaining the guests.

2. Fried Food

The fried food is called "Ma Cui" in local language in Mojiang area. As a kind of special Spring Festival food, Ma Cui is usually made in the shape of flowers, birds, fish or some other small animals with powder and then fried. Thus come into being the crispy and flacky, fragrant and sweet, glutinous but not greasy "Ma Cui" food which is considered both as delicious glutinous rice food and folk handcraft to relatives and friends during Spring Festival.

3. Niusapie of Dai Minority

Niusapie, specially cooked, is a well-known dish for guests when festivals or weddings are celebrated around Dai Minority. They cook the dish with the local cattle, whose back-beef is burnt yellow, cut into filiform, mixed and stirred with cooked tripes, ginger, garlic, pepper, peanut pieces and other perfume and condiments, added by boiled and filtered ox-sausage water or bile. Then it will be a busy time for your mouth and stomach. It is not only some kind of soft, tasteful, fragrant, colorful food, but also a medicine which invigorates the stomach, reduces hot, and whets one's appetite.

4. Braising a Fish with Sour Bamboo Shoot

It is a popular food in Simao area which is sour, hot and fresh. It is cooked as follows: scale the fish and take out the inside organs first and then fry the sour bamboo-shoot cooked before put into the water. After the water boiling, we could put the fish into it together with the condiments like scallion, ginger, pepper, Chinese prickly ash and monosodium glutamate, etc.

5. The Chicken Rice of Wa Ethic Group

The chicken rice, being delicate, sour-hot and good for stomach, is pretty good dish for guests. The cooking method is: jab the cock died with bamboo sticks then burn its feather and pull out the root. After taking out the inside organs, we will chop it into pieces and put it into pot with cold water. When the water is boiling, we should put in rice and some condiments like sour bamboo shoot, ginger, sesame, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, wood pulp, lemon grass salt, opium, perilla seed and stir continually till it becomes the gruel. Tourists would taste it in the Wa ethic restaurant of local custom scenery spot.

6. The Chicken Tofu

The chicken Tofu has been a traditional famous dish on wedding party for more than one hundred years. The ingredient of the chicken tofu is chicken and eggs. Because it looks like fresh pig brains and tastes soft and sweet like tofu, both the young and the old like the nutritious food.

7. The Cold Sour Ant Eggs

When summer comes, people in Dai villages of Menglian County would enjoy the cold sour-ant eggs in sauce, which is full of protein and has the function of strengthening the digestive organ, keeping off the hot, eliminating disease. The ant eggs belong to the kingd of thin and yellow ant in tropical forests among whose adult ones are with dense sour smell. These ants usually build some round nest in the jungle or tree crotch, which are the birth places of white and soybean –shaped ant eggs, the smallest and most fragrant egg in the world. It becomes the first class food for visitors for its rich protein and good taste.

Where to Eat in Puer

More Restaurants in Simao District, Ximeng County, Jingdong County, Jinggu County, Ninger County, Jiangcheng County, Zhenyuan County, Mojiang CountyMenglian County, Lancang County.

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