Nagqu Overview

Located in the north of Tibet-between Tanggula Mountains and Nyenchen Tangula MountainsNagqu get its name from the Nagqu River(upstream of Nujiang River). Nagqu features in its protected wildlife, unpolluted grassland, bright snow mountains, azure blue lakes and unsophisticated Tibetan life. Especially in August, the famous horse racing festival will be held in Nagqu.

‣ Where is Nagqu

Nagqu area is located in the north of Tibet and the backland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. And Nagqu is the source of Yangtze River, Nujiang River and Lhasa River. Nagqu is bound on the north of Xinjiang and Qinghai, connects Qamdo to the east and Lhasa to the south.

Basic Information of Nagqu

• Chinese Name: 那曲地区

• Area: 450,537 k㎡

• Population: 462,82

• Zip Code: 852000

• Seat of Government: Nagqu County

‣ Nagqu Climate

Due to the high altitude, low heat and cold climate, the oxygen content of Nagqu is only half of the sea level so that North Tibetan Plateau is the poorest area of Tibet in terms of climate condition. The temperature difference is obvious here and the yearly average temperature is -0.9℃ to -3.3℃. Every November to next March, it's the windy season of north Tibet. In this period, once it snows, snow disaster will strike this area easily. And May to September is the golden season of Nagqu because the weather is warm and sunny.

‣ Nagqu Attractions

Lake Tangra Yumco: the holy lake worshiped by the ancient Yongzhong Bonism, the most ancient religion in Tibet area.

Purog Kangri Glacierthe third largest glacier in the world except for the South and North Pole.

Zandan Monastery: Zandan Monastery is one of the influential monastery in Nagqu area.

▪Siling Tso Lake: the largest lake in Tibet and 'Siling Tso Lake' means lake of demon.

‣ Nagqu Culture

• Nagqu Festival

The famous Nagqu Horse Racing Festival is held in the middle of July, which involves polity, economy, culture and custom and becomes a window for north Tibet to communicate with outside world. The most striving and attractive activity is the race that every participants pick up the Khata(a piece of silk used as a greeting gift) when riding on the horse. It shows their incredible and skillful horsemanship. And the tug-of-war, wrestling, lifting the stone and the performance of Kiang dancing make Nagqu area a steady stream of joy and happiness, the stream eventually a flood.

‣ What to Eat in Nagqu

Just like other places in Tibetan area, Tibetan and Sichuan cuisine are the most important and primary food in Nagqu area.

‣ Nagqu Transportation

Nagqu is an important prefecture in Tibet, and also an important traffic hinge along Qinghai-Tibet Highway. The transportation from Nagqu to other destinations is very convenient, especially the transport to Lhasa and Qinghai. And the Nagqu Airport is still being built.