Nagqu Administrative Divisions

As of December 2017, Nagqu has jurisdiction over 1 municipal district, 10 counties, 89 townships, 25 towns, and 1,283 villages. Seni District is the seat of government of Nagqu.

Here Is the Table of Detailed Administrative Divisions.

Administrative Division Seat of Government Area under Jurisdiction 
Seni District Nagqu Town

Nagqu Town(那曲镇), Lhomar Town(罗玛镇), Golug Town (古露镇), Shamong Township (香茂乡), Yöchak Township (油恰乡), Namarche Township (那么切乡), Kormang Township (孔玛乡), Taksar Township (达萨乡), Lumé Township (劳麦乡), Serzhong Township ( 色雄乡), Nyima Township (尼玛乡), Daqên Township (达前乡)

Lhari County Lhari Town Lhari Town (嘉黎镇), Arza Town (阿扎镇), Rongdoi Township (绒多乡), Xarma Township (夏玛乡), Lingti Township (林堤乡), Cora Township (措拉乡), Codoi Township (措多乡), Zhongyu Township (忠玉乡), Zabbe Township (藏比乡), Goqung Township (鸽群乡)
Biru County Biru Town Biru Town(比如镇), Xiaqu Town(夏曲镇)、Liangqu Town(良曲乡), Chaqu Town(茶曲乡), Xiangqu Town(香曲乡), Yangxiu Town(羊曲乡), Qiaze Town(恰则乡), Datang Town(达塘乡), Zhala Town(扎拉乡), Baiga Town(白嘎乡)
Nyainrong County Dazhong Town Dazhong Town(大众镇), Seqing Town(色庆乡), Nima Town(尼玛乡), Dangmujiang Town(当木江乡), Chadang Town(查当乡), Sangrong Town(桑荣乡), Xiaqu Town(下曲乡), Baixiong Town(白雄乡), Suoxiong Town(索雄乡), Yongqu Town(永曲乡)
Amdo County Pana Town

Zharen Town (扎仁镇), Yanshiping Town (雁石坪镇), Qangma Town (强玛镇), Pana Town (帕那镇), Cuoma Township (措玛乡), Dardü Township (滩堆乡), Sibnak Chenchungo Township (扎曲乡), Gangnyi Township (岗尼乡), Marchu Township (玛曲乡), Sewu Township (色务乡), Marrong Township (玛荣乡), Töma Township (多玛乡), Bangmer Township (帮麦乡)

Xainza County Xainza Town

Xainza Town (申扎镇), Xiongmei Town (雄梅镇), Mar'yo Township (马跃乡), Mepa Township (买巴乡), Tarma Township (塔尔玛乡), Zhago Township (下过乡), Khyak Township (恰乡), Patra Township (巴扎乡)

Sog County Yala Town Yala Town(亚拉镇), Rongbu Town
(荣布镇), Rewa Town(热瓦乡), Ruoda Town(若达乡), Gamei Town (嘎美乡), Jiale Town(加勤乡), Xichang Town(西昌乡), Gamu Town(嘎木乡), Jiangda Town(江达乡), Chiduo Town(赤多乡)
Baingoin County Pukpa Town

Pukpa Town (普保镇), Bella Town (北拉镇), Jakhyung Town (佳琼镇), Dechen Town (德庆镇), Machen Township (马前乡), Mentang Raktsek Township (门当乡), Poche Township (保吉乡), Chinglung Township (青龙乡), Shikhyer Township ( 新吉乡), Nyima Township (尼玛乡)

Baqên County Laxi Town Yaan Town(雅安镇), Laxi Town(拉西镇), Zase Town(杂色镇), Jiangjin Town(江绵乡), Gangqie Town(岗切乡), Baqên Town(巴青乡), Axiu Town(阿秀乡), Maru Town(玛如乡), Muta Town(本塔乡), Gongri Town(贡日乡)
 Nyima County Nyima Town  Nyima Town(尼玛镇), Wenbu Township(文布乡), Juncang Town(中仓乡), Shenya Town (卓瓦乡), Zhuoni Township(卓尼乡), Jiwa Township(吉瓦乡), Jiagu Township(甲谷乡), Aso Township(阿索乡), Ejiu Township(俄久乡), Rongma Town(荣玛乡), Dagu Town(达谷乡)
Shuanghu County Domar Town


Cuozhe Luoma Town(措折罗玛镇), Xibdê Town(协德乡), Yagqu Town(雅曲乡), Garco Town(嘎措乡), Cozhê Qiangma Township(措折强玛乡), Domar Town(多玛乡), Parling Town(巴岭乡)

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