Guiyang Culture

Guizhou is a place famous for the numerous festivals of ethnic minorities. Guiyang, as the capital of Guizhou Province, is a multi-ethnic assembly point. Buyi and Miao have the largest minority population of all minorities in Guiyang. During the festival, the locals wear their festival clothes, which are very exquisite and beautiful. 

Ethnic Groups

Guiyang is a multi-ethnic city, the people living in this land, the Han population is in the majority, followed by buyi people and miao people. Besides, there are more than 20 ethnic minority groups such as Dong, Shui, Yi, Zhuang and Hui. When you come to Guiyang, you can not only visit the beautiful scenery of the mountains and water, feel the beautiful scenery of the heaven on earth, but also can experience the folk customs, historic culture and the rich and colorful multi-ethnic groups for yourself.

Ethnic Towns 

There are 18 ethnic towns in Guiyang. 

Administrative Divisions Ethnic Towns(民族乡)
Nanming District南明区 Xiaobi Buyi and Miao Ethnic Town(小碧布依族苗族乡)
Huaxi District花溪区 Mengguan Miao and Buyi Ethnic Town(孟关苗族布依族乡), Maling Buyi and Miao Ethnic Town(马铃布依族苗族乡), Qiantao Buyi and Miao Ethnic Town(黔陶布依族苗族乡), Gaopo Miao Ethnic Town(高坡苗族乡), Huchao Miao and Buyi Ethnic Town(湖潮苗族布依族乡)
Wudang District乌当区 Xinbao Buyi Ethnic Town(新堡布依族乡), Pianpo Buyi Ethnic Town(偏坡布依族乡)
Baiyun District白云区 Dula Buyi Ethnic Town(都拉布依族乡), Niuchang Buyi Ethnic Town(牛场布依族乡)
Kaiyang County开阳县 Hefeng Buyi and Miao Ethnic Town(禾丰布依族苗族乡), Nanjiang Buyi and Miao Ethnic Town(南江布依族苗族乡), Gaozhai Miao and Buyi Ethnic Town(高寨苗族布依族乡)
Xifeng County息烽县 Qingshan Miao Ethnic Town(青山苗族乡)
Xiuwen County修文县 Dashi Buyi Ethnic Town(大石布依乡)
Qingzhen City清镇市 Maige Miao and Buyi Ethnic Town(麦格苗族布依族乡), Wangzhuang Buyi and Miao Ethnic Town(王庄布依族苗族乡), Liuchang Miao Ethnic  Town(流长苗族乡)

Local Customs

There are rich ethnic festivals, ethnic song and dance and ethnic costumes in Guiyang. 

  • Ethnic Festivals: Ethnic festivals in Guiyang include the eighth of the fourth month festival(Si Yue Ba四月八) and bullfighting festival of the Miao people, Double Third Day(San Yue San) and Double Sixth Festival(Liu Yue Liu) of Buyi people, as well as First Harvest of the Year(吃新节) of Gelao people, etc. 
  • Ethnic Song and Dance: Ethnic song and dance in Guiyang include Huadeng Opera(花灯戏), Lusheng Dance and Hougu Dance(猴鼓舞), etc. 
  • Ethnic Costumes: Buyi and Miao have the largest population of all minorities in Guiyang. Therefore, Buyi costumes and Miao costumes are the most common. 
  • Folk Handicrafts: Embroidery and cross-stitch work are the traditional ethnic crafts in Guiyang, with various styles and features of ethnic minorities. The Miao embroidery is the most typical. Patterns are mostly based on natural scenery, rich in color, exquisite and beautiful, full of ethnic flavor. 
  • Food Culture: Guizhou cuisine is also known as Qian cuisine. In the early Ming Dynasty, Guizhou cuisine has tended to mature, many Guizhou cuisines have a history of more than 600 years. The specialty food in Guiyang includes Changwang Noodles(肠旺面), SiWaWa(Vegetarian Spring Rolls), the beef rice noodles(牛肉粉), Guizhou hotpot, Bean Curd in Love and sour soup fish, etc.