Guiyang Shopping

Located in the center of Guizhou, Guiyang is a beautiful natural park with many mountains and basins, presenting itself an excellent picture of fantastic peak and plateaus. Guiyang has the unique ethnic style of handicrafts, such as batik products, Dafang lacquer ware, Nuoxi opera masks, Maotai, Maojian Tea, embroidery and so on, which enjoy a great reputation at home and abroad.

What to Buy in Guiyang

1. Maotai

Maotai is the most well-known spirit in China, originated from Guizhou. From businessmen to state leaders, everyone appreciates its unique taste. It is made from jowar and barley, tasting pure, sweet and refreshing. Maotai is reputed to be three world famous wines with Usquebaugh of Scotland and Aquavit of France. No trip to Guizhou is complete without a taste of Moutai.

2. Odd Stones

Due to unique geographic environment, Guiyang is abundant in the resource of odd stones. The stones collected in Guiyang are in various shapes and colors.

3. Batik Products

Batik is a dyeing form created by ethnic minorities in Guizhou, with various patterns, such as flowers, fish, birds and mountains. Heated wax is used to make these beautiful works of art. Batik cloth is widely spread among Miao, Buyi, Shui and Gejia minorities. Generally speaking, Guizhou batik cloth is blue and white, except for Anshun and Pu'an areas, where red, yellow, blue may also be added. With unique ethnic style and charm, Guizhou batik has won more and more favor at home and abroad. 

4. Embroidery and Cross-stitch Works

Embroidery and cross-stitch work are the traditional ethnic crafts in Guiyang, with various styles and features of ethnic minorities. The Miao embroidery is the most typical. Patterns are mostly based on natural scenery, rich in color, exquisite and beautiful, full of ethnic flavor.

5. Maojian Tea毛尖茶

Maojian tea, originated from Duyun city in the south of Guizhou Province, attracts customers with its fine shape and unique style. In the past, Maojian tea was a tribute to the emperor.

Where to Buy in Guiyang

Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou Province, and the best place to shop in Guizhou. The main shopping street in Guiyang are Zhonghua Road and Yan'an Road. Department stores are located on Zhonghua Road, the busiest shopping area in this city. On Yan'an road, you can find many small shops and night market, which is open until midnight. Here below are some places to shop in Guiyang.  

1. Qian Cui Hang黔粹行
Address: No.201, Ruijin North Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang贵阳市云岩区瑞金北路201号
Tel: 0851-86505575/0851-86504769

2. Wal-Mart (People's Square Branch)
Address: No.9, Zunyi Road, Nanming District, Guiyang City贵阳市南明区遵义路9号
Tel: 0851-85878009

3. Qian Yi Bao 黔艺宝
Address: No. 159 Beijing Road, Guiyang City贵阳市北京路159号
Tel: 0851-6873382

4. Golden Phoenix Tower 金凤凰大厦
Address: No.98 Middle Zhonghua Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang贵阳市云岩区中华中路98号
Tel: 0851-5866318

5. Parkson Shopping Mall百盛购物中心
Address: No.117, Middle Zhonghua Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City贵阳市云岩区中华中路117号
Tel: 0851-85211207

6. Huaguoyuan Shopping Mall花果园购物中心
Address: No.1, Huaguoyuan Street, Nanming District, Guiyang City贵阳市南明区花果园大街1号
Tel: 0851-85107777