Chongzuo Administrative Divisions

As of 2018, Chongzuo City has jurisdiction over one district and fiver counties, namely, Jiangzhou District(江州区) and Fusui County(扶绥县), Daxin County(大新县), Longzhou County(龙州县), Ningming County(宁明县), Tiandeng County(天等县), and administers Pingxiang City(凭祥市). The government is located in the administrative center of Chongzuo City, No. 1 Xincheng Road, Chengnan New District, Chongzuo City.

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area( Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Jiangzhou District(江州区) 2,902 360,000(2000) Taiping Subdistrict Taiping Subdistrict(太平街道), Jiangnan Subdistrict(江南街道), Shijinglin Subdistrict (石景林街道), Xinhe Town(新和镇), Laituan Town(濑湍镇), Jiangzhou Town(江州镇), Zuozhou Town(左州镇), Nalong Town(那隆镇), Tuolu Town(驮卢镇), Luobai Township(罗白乡), Banli Township(板利乡)
Fusui County(扶绥县) 2,876 440,000(2017) Xinning Town Quli Town(渠黎镇), Qujiu Town(渠旧镇), Liuqiao Town(柳桥镇), Dongmen Town(东门镇), Shanxu Town(山圩镇), Zhongdong Town(中东镇), Dongluo Town(东罗镇), Xinning Town(新宁镇), Longtou Township(龙头乡), Bapen Township(岜盆乡), Changping Township(昌平乡)
Daxin County(大新县) 2,756 370,000 Taocheng Town Taocheng Town(桃城镇), Quanming Town(全茗镇), Leiping Town(雷平镇), Shuolong Town(硕龙镇), Xialei Town(下雷镇), Wushan Township(五山乡), Longmen Township(龙门乡), Changming Township(昌明乡), Fulong Township(福隆乡),  Naling Township(那岭乡), Echeng Township(恩城乡), Ganxu Township(榄圩乡), Baoyu Township(宝圩乡), Kanyu Township(堪圩乡)
Longzhou County(龙州县) 2,318 280,000 Longzhou Town Longzhou Town(龙州镇), Xiadong Town(下冻镇), Shuikou Town(水口镇), Jinlong Town(金龙镇), Xiangshui Town(响水镇), Bajiao Township(八角乡), Shangjiang Township(上降乡), Binqiao Township(彬桥乡), Shanglong Township(上龙乡), Wude Township(武德乡), Zhuobu Township(逐卜乡), Shangjin Township(上金乡)
Ningming County(宁明县) 3,779 430,000 Chengzhong Town Chengzhong Town(城中镇), Mingjiang Town(明江镇), Aidian Town(爱店镇), Tingliang Town(亭亮镇), Haiyuan Town(海渊镇), Nakan Town( 那堪镇), Tongmian Town(桐棉镇), Zhaian Township(寨安乡),

Zhilang Township(峙浪乡), Nanan Township(那楠乡), Dong'an Township(东安乡), Beijiang Township(北江乡), Ban'gun Township(板棍乡)
Tiandeng County(天等县) 2,159 430,000 Tiandeng Town Tiandeng Town(天等镇), Xiangdu Town(向都镇), Longming Town(龙茗镇), Jinjie Town(进结镇), Dongping Town(东平镇), Fuxin Town(福新镇), Bahe Township(把荷乡), Dukang Township(都康乡), Tuokan Township(驮堪乡), Jinyuan Township(进远乡), Ninggan Township(宁干乡), Shangying Township(上映乡), Xiaoshan Township(小山乡)
Pingxiang City(凭祥市) 650 110,000 Pingxiang Town Pingxiang Town(凭祥镇), Youyi Town(友谊镇), Xiayou Town(夏石镇), Shangshi Town(上石镇)

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