Daya Bay in Huizhou City

Daya Bay

Daya Bay (simplified Chinese: 大亚湾; traditional Chinese: 大亞灣; pinyin: Dàyà Wān; Jyutping: daai6aa3 waan1), also formally known as Bias Bay, is a bay of the South China Sea on the south coast of Guangdong Province in the People’s Republic of China. It is bordered by Shenzhen’s Dapeng Peninsula to the west and Huizhou to the north and east.

Introduction of Daya Bay


The bay was a hideout of pirates in the 1920s when the Republic of China government was occupied conducting the Northern Expedition. The bay is now an important contributor in the energy sector for Guangdong province.

Economy and Industry

Daya Bay is home to six nuclear reactors, two at the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and four at the Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plant, as well as the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment. Two additional reactors are planned farther east at the Lufeng Nuclear Power Plant. The bay also host the Huizhou Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Dolphins and Occasional Whales

Historically, Daya Bay had whales and turtles. The bay was one of the breeding grounds along the southern coast of China for Asian population of gray whales which are now one of the most endangered whale population in the world. They migrated here to calve in the winter-spring seasons. Other species, such as humpback whales also migrated here historically. All of these were wiped out by Japanese whalers established whaling stations on various sites on Chinese coasts including at nearby Daya Bay. Critically endangered Chinese white dolphins and occasional whales such as humpbacks have been confirmed in the bay recent years.

Seafood and Fisherman’s leisure Life

If you are unfamiliar with “little laurel squid” and “Sanmen lobster” in seafood, you should come to Daya Bay, Huizhou, which is famous for its high-quality seafood, especially the two mentioned above. As a charming seaport, Huizhou Daya Bay also has many scenic spots, such as: Xiayong Daya Bay Huahai amusement park, like horsewhip Island, like Tiger Island, Panda Gold Coast, etc. Dongsheng fishing village is an island in the sea. People in the fishing village have their own folk customs. The fisherman’s music provided for tourists will give tourism an experience what is “eating at the fisherman’s house, living at the fisherman’s house, and traveling at the fisherman’s house”. The charming Dajia island is a good place for tourists to spend their holidays. Many tourist attractions developed with the characteristics of the sea are the best places for friends who yearn for seaside tourism.

Travel Guide Accommodation in Guangzhou

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How to Get There

  • Bus, ferry 3h40m includes 32 min transfer
    ¥118 – ¥121 (Guangzhou →Tai Wai →Change / transfer →Ma On Shan →Tai Shui Hang Sai →Kung Nam Fung Wan) Ferry
    Chek Keng →Daya Bay
  • Line 1 subway, train, subway, travel, ferry 3h 59mincludes 43 min transfer
    (Ximenkou →Guangzhou East Change / transfer →Guangzhou East Station →1h 19m by Train, every 15 minutes
    Guangzhou East Shenzhen → Lo Wu Station →University Station →Sai Kung Nam Fung Wan→ Chek Keng→Day)

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