Chengdu Railway Station (Jinniu District, Chengdu)

Chengdu railway station (simplified Chinese: 成都火车站; traditional Chinese: 成都火車站; pinyin: Chéngdū Huǒchē Zhàn) is one of the 3 major railway stations in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, the others being Chengdu South railway station and Chengdu East railway station.

The station is located on North Second Ring Road, Jinniu District, to the North of the city centre. It is governed by Chengdu Railway Bureau and is one of the most important hubs of the railway network in China.

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Station: Chengdu Railway Station
Station(CN): 成都
Address: Beizhan West Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu
Address(CN): 成都市金牛区北站西1路1号