Victoria Cruises

Victoria Cruises introduces why choose Victoria Cruise, Top 8 Victoria Cruises Ships, Victoria Itinerary and Onboard Experience on Vistoria Cruises, which can make you better choose the best ship for your Yangtze River Cruise Tour.

Victoria Cruises boasts the largest five-star fleet on the Yangtze. We offer a selection of imaginatively designed itineraries, with year-round departures. Enjoy all the comfort and elegance of river cruising: attentive and professional staff, delicious onboard meals and spectacular scenery from every stateroom and public area.

Why Choose Victoria Cruises

Victoria Cruises is the only American cruise line currently sailing China’s Yangtze River. As a leader in Yangtze River cruises, the ships of Victoria Cruises have the five star rating from the China Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Victoria Cruises can give you an unrivaled and unsurpassed experience during your Yangtze River cruises. Victoria Cruises has a fleet of eight Five–Star Ultra–Luxury vessels. Their ships are all newly built or structurally rebuilt, and all refurbished with a modern blend of European–Asian design. The architecture emphasizes spacious rooms with modern amenities including private balconies, bathtubs, and cable TV. All ships are fully equipped with Wi–Fi and international telecommunications systems.

Top Reasons to Choose Victoria Cruises

  • Luxurious suite accommodation
  • Interesting captain’s farewell banquet
  • International multilingual cruise directors.
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets
  • All cabins have private balconies and bathrooms.
  • The only American cruise line on the Yangtze River.
  • Facilities include a business center, reading room, fitness area, gift shop, and beauty salon
  • Onboard activities feature lectures on Chinese history and culture, Tai Chi lessons, and calligraphy demonstrations

Top 8 Victoria Cruises Ships

There are eight luxury Victoria Cruises ships operated on Yangtze River, which are the most popular cruising route between Chongqing and Yichang. These eight luxury Victoria Cruises offer the same outstanding services on board. In order to help you better choose Victoria cruise ship according to your requirements, you can check the following table.

Ship Name Price($) Itinerary Year of Built Decks Elevators Passenger Capacity Cabins
Victoria Jenna 356-446 CQ<=>YC refurbished 2016 6 4 378 189
Victoria Anna 356-446 CQ<=>YC refurbished 2017 6 2 266 133
Victoria Sabrina 468-539 CQ<=>YC 2019 7 4 690 270
Victoria Katarina 356-446 CQ<=>YC refurbished 2014 6 1 264 132
Victoria Selina 356-446 CQ<=>YC refurbished 2017 5 1 216 108
Victoria Lianna 356-446 CQ<=>YC refurbished 2017 5 1 216 108
Victoria Grace 356-446 CQ<=>YC refurbished 2012 5 n/a 198 99
Victoria Sophia 356-446 CQ<=>YC refurbished 2011 5 n/a 208 104

Note: The prices are only for reference. CQ=Chongqing, YC=Yichang

Victoria Cruises Itinerary

In 2020/2021, there are top eight Victoria Cruises ships sailing on Yangtze River. What’s more, the sailing route is the most popular itinerary, namely Chongqing Yichang Route, which you can enjoy the golden sightseeing of Yangtze River and the Three Gorges. For downstream cruise, it takes 4 days and 3 nights from Chongqing to Yichang. For upstream cruise, it takes 5 days and 4 nights from Yichang to Chongqing. 

Major Shore Excursions

Onboard Experience

Cuisine and Drinking

Victoria Cruises has hired award winning celebrity chef Walter Staib to design and upgrade its dining and the food has already earns high marks from travelers in recent years. The cuisine on Victoria Cruises is specially designed for western travelers with both western buffet and Chinese cuisine experience.

Interesting Activities

Visitors on Victoria Cruises can take participate in Chinese history, culture lectures and some interesting activities, such as making dumplings, evolution of the Three Gorges Dam Project and its importance to China, Chinese medicine, Chinese traditional brush painting, enjoy the awesome time at Captain’s Welcome Party, etc. You can not only learn Chinese painting, Chinese mahjong and Taichi Quan, but also have a fun time with other customers onboard, making new friends and sharing your happy travel time with each other.

Enjoy evening entertainment in the Yangtze Club, including karaoke, dancing and the Victoria cabaret, in which crew and passengers participate. The cabaret show is an opportunity for passengers to display their talents! It’s a wonderful chance to unwind and enjoy the experience while cruising the Yangtze. If you prefer to simply relax in your cabin, feature films are presented on your cabin television.


When you choose Victoria Cruises to take a Yangtze River cruise tour, it is a good choice to stay in the cabins and suites of executive level and above. Because you can enjoy dining in the VIP A La Carte Restaurant, which is more private and quieter with less people. In addition, Victoria Cruise is under the American management, which is the only one company on Yangtze River. Therefore, many people from the America, Europe and Atlantic, etc. are very satisfied really well.

Health Care

If you are ill on board, do not worry. There are doctors and health clinic on every Victoria Cruises ship. Of course, doctors take a lecture on traditional Chinese medicine, telling you something about Chinese medicinal herb and acupuncture and moxibustion.