China Silk Road Travel

China Silk Road Travel is to visit the major destinations along the Route of Silk Road, explore the highlight attractions and experience Silk Road Culture along the route. 

Where and What to Visit on the Silk Road?

What should I visit along the Silk Road? China Silk Road is the most important section of Silk Road.  Not only is it historically significant, but it’s been a rite of passage for adventurous travelers for decades. The road is lined with stunning natural attractions and cultural hot spots, making it one of the top places to visit in China and beyond. You shouldn’t miss the highlights along the road, such as Baima TempleJiayuguan PassYangguan PassMogao Grottoes and Gaochang Old Town, as well as magnificent and magical natural scenery such as  Zhangye Danxia LandformMingsha Mountain, and Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang. 

Top 10 Attractions on China Silk Road

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China Silk Road Attractions by Region

Silk Road Travel Route in China

Where should I visit most on the Silk Road? This may be the first question for your Silk Road tour plan, as the The Chinese section of the Silk Road runs from Xi ‘an in the east to the Pamirs plateau in the west. The Silk Road covers vast regions of northwestern China, including HenanNingxiaShanxiGansuQinghai and Xinjiang.

  • The most traversed portion of the route is from Xi’an to Lanzhou and Jiayuguan in Gansu. From here, you can choose to head northwest to Urumqi in Xinjiang, where you can explore fascinating Uigher culture, China’s wine country, and the soaring peaks of the Tian Shan mountains
  • The southern route heads through the fiery desert of Gansu, with its huge dunes and ancient Buddhist caves, ending in the distinctly Central Asian city of Kashgar, renowned for its bustling Sunday livestock market.
  • You can also explore both routes by heading southward from Jiayuguan to Dunhuang in Gansu, then upwards to Urumqi and finally south again to end in Kashgar.

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The Best Silk Road Tours

The silk road in China from Xi’an to the Pamirs plateau, is an important artery of trade and culture exchange between East and West. It stretches on the gigantic regions of desert, grassland, raging river and colossal mountains in northwester China. There are a dozen of historical towns, ruins, classical architecture along the road. Some historical cities such as Xian, Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan all deserve to stay. Follow us to explore the historical travel route of the ancient camel trains and experience the interesting and exotic culture.

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Top Things to Do along the Silk Road

  • Don’t Miss the Highlight Attractions: The road is lined with stunning natural attractions and cultural hot spots, making it one of the top places to visit in China and beyond. You shouldn’t miss the highlights along the road, such as Terra-Cotta WarriorsBig Wild Goose PagodaLongmen GrottoesJiayuguan Pass,  Mogao GrottoesTianchi Lake and Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, etc.
  • Learn about Its History: The history of the Silk Road is a fascinating and multi-faceted tale which, as you begin to discover it more, will all at once explain the mystery of the myth-laden high road, but inspire more questions from you too. The historical sites along the route are the best choices for you to learn about the Silk Road history.
  • Meet People: Throughout the centuries, many ethnic group live along the Silk Road regions. Though some ethnic groups are being diluted and modernity has crept into otherwise traditional life, the Silk Road is still an extraordinary melting pot where ancient, medieval and modern culture collides.
  • Experience Colorful Culture: Food culture and architectural culture may be the distinct one for the Silk Road Culture tour, you will know how culture exchange influence the regions along the route, concerning many aspects of peope’s life.

The Best Time for Silk Road Travel

May to October are the best time to travel the Silk Road. Weather conditions are pleasant from late spring to early autumn, with an average temperature of 15 °C. Although summer weather can be scorching, the heat is dry and more comfortable than in the humid tropics. The scenery is ideal when the fruits ripen, the flowers are in full bloom, and green grass covers grassland areas in spring (April, May, June) and fall (September, October).

Get to/away the Silk Road Regions

Silk Road covers remote northwestern regions of China, including Henan, Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang.  transportation infrastructure on Silk Road is more and more convenient. You can get there via airline, train or bus.

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Things to Know for Silk Road Travel

  • Please have a grasp of the different customs of the ethnic groups ahead of your Silk Road tour and show respect to local culture and religion.
  • Please do not eat pork or talk about pig in the Islamic regions (like Mosque restaurant) since it is the most serious taboo for Muslims; it is also prohibited to eat the meat of dog and horse, smoke and drink wine.
  • Xinjiang is the “paradise of fruits”, especially grape; you can enjoy a fruit feast. But do not eat hot tea afterwards in case of diarrhea.
  • Silk Road is also famous for craft products which deserve to be taken back home; but please note that it is not allowed to take local crafted knives when you are taking plain or train.
  • Do not touch the metal-made things in the sun, as they become very hot in the long-time sunshine, especially in Turpan.

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