Binhe Park in Lanzhou

Why is Binhe Park So Special?

Lanzhou Riverside Park is located in the north of Lanzhou City and the South Bank of the Yellow River. It distributes along riverside roads. It is called “Riverside Road Zone Park”. Lanzhou is the only provincial capital city crossing the Yellow River in China. According to this geographical feature, the municipal government has opened an East Yantan Yanxia Road on the South Bank of the Yellow River in the northern part of the city, West to the Xigu River Estuary, a 52-kilometer riverside road, which is the longest Riverside Road in the country.     

Where is Binhe Park?

Binhe Park is an open park, located in the north of Lanzhou, along the banks of the Yellow river.  Binhe Park is located in North side of Lanzhou City, South Bank of the Yellow River, and the Chinese address is 兰州市城区北侧,黄河南岸. 

How to Get There?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By Bus: Bus No. 157, or take the sightseeing bus to get the park from Lanzhou City.

What to See in Binhe Park?

Lanzhou Riverside Park (Binhe Park) is a part of the Green River belt along the southern bank of the Yellow River in Lanzhou. It is a green intermediate zone between the Yellow River road and the Yellow River embankment. Along the way, there are a series of scenic spots where citizens take leisure and exercise.     

The sculpture of Mother of Yellow river
Camel team on the Silk road
Green hope and Pilgrims to the east sculptures
Opera performances
Craft workshops
Water tankers                     

Nearby Attractions

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