Bajiaozhai Scenic Area in Ziyun County, Guilin

Why is Bajiaozhai Scenic Area So Special?

Bajiaozhai Scenic Area, located at the junction of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Hunan Province, is famous for its Danxia landform.  Bajiaozhai is named after the eight prominent corners of the 818-meter-high main peak Yuntai Mountain. When you look down at this steep and magnificent mountain from the plane, it looks like a lotus flower. It is also a paradise for hikers and photographers.

Where is Bajiaozhai Scenic Area

Also known as Yuntai Mountain, it is about 150 kilometers (93 miles) from Guilin. Octagonal boxing means eight angles.

Main Attraction of Bajiaozhai Scenic Area

Mountain God Temple on Longtou

The dragon head is the steepest corner of Bajiao Village. It is difficult to reach due to strong winds, fog and clouds all year round. However, a small temple stands at the very edge of the faucet. A person must use all his limbs to get there. It is said that if a person dares to burn incense there, he will get whatever he wants. It’s the famous dragon head alley.

Yuntai Temple

Built in Yuntai Mountain (960-1279) in the Song Dynasty, Yuntai Temple has prospered for more than 1100 years. On the 19th day of February, June and September of the lunar calendar, temple fairs will be held here and local people will gather here for the night.

Behind the temple is a well, a medicine spring pool, where Shennong, the medicine god, is said to wash herbs. After a long period of time, the well became a medical well and a place where locals prayed for health.

This temple is also the best place to enjoy sunrise in Bajiao Village. Many tourists come here at dawn, waiting for the beautiful scenery.

Xianglong Plank Road

The Xianglong plank road is built on the cliff edge of a huge honeycomb hill. It is very dangerous, but it is worth a visit. When you walk on the road on a sunny day, you can enjoy the beautiful red sandstone scenery. The middle of the whole road is called Death Valley. If you are afraid of heights, it is not recommended that you look down while crossing.

Best Time to Travel Bajiaozhai Scenic Area

The best travel time is April to October.

Guilin has a relatively low latitude. Belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate. Generally speaking, Guilin has a mild climate with distinct seasons and excellent climatic conditions. The annual average temperature is 19.3℃, which is said to be “less snow in three winters and flowers in four seasons”. When traveling to Guilin, the best season is from April to October each year, during which there will be two golden weeks of “may day” and “November”, which is also the peak period of tourism. Guilin with suitable climate will have many tourists, room reservation and transportation will also enter a climax, and the price will rise compared with usual. therefore, it is better to avoid this time and choose an off-season to travel and appreciate the beauty of the world.

How To Get  There

  • From Guilin:
    Take Guilin-Meixi Bus at Guilin North Bus Station. You can choose the medium bus at CNY45 or the advanced bus at CNY55. The medium bus is available at 6:40am and 9:30am, and the advanced bus sets out at 8:45am and 9:10am. When you arrive at Meixi Town, take a motorcycle taxi at CNY30-50 to your destination.

  • From Xining County, Hunan:
    Take Bus Xinning 2 or Xingning 6, and get off at the North Gate of Langshan Mountain Geological Park (Langshan Gongyuan Beidamen) Station.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee & Opening Hours

Bajiaozhai Scenic Spot is open to visitors all day. Notice that Bajiaozhai Scenic Spot is also part of Langshan Mountain Scenic Area of Hunan Province. So you can also enter from Xinning County, Hunan.

If you enter from Ziyuan County in Guangxi, CNY38 is needed for day-visiting, another CNY20 is required if you would like spend your night there.

If you enter from Xinning County in Hunan, the admission fee is as below:

Ticket A CNY 186 Including Tianyi Lane, Chili Peak, Bajiaozhai, Zixia Cave and a raft ride on Fuyi River.
Ticket B CNY 136 Including Tianyi Lane, Chili Peak, Bajiaozhai, and Zixia Cave.
Ticket C CNY 120 For Fuyi River Raft Ride

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