Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, Urumqi

Where is Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar?

The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, also known as International Grand Bazaar Xinjiang, is an Islamic bazaar in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China.

Why is Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar So Special?

The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar is the largest bazaar in the world by scale, combining Islamic culture, architecture, ethnic commerce, tourism and entertainment. It is also one of the most famous landmarks in Ürümqi, and in Xinjiang. Combined with cultures of Xinjiang ethnic minorities, architecture in the bazaar were styled Islamic with its techniques of grinded-brick-to-gap and modern facings, facilitating modern architectural functions and reflecting contemporary spirits. The bazaar reproduces the commercial prosperity of the Silk Road and embodies the ethnic characteristics and regional cultures.

Main Attractions of Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar

Banquet and Performance Theatre of the Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, the largest one in Xinjiang, has capacity for 1,000 people dining while enjoying the songs and dances. Every night, there are hundreds of dancers staging great shows.

The Xinjiang Silk Road Museum is in a large European-style building that also has a shopping complex. You can learn about the history of the ancient Han and Tang Dynasty civilization along the Silk Road in Xinjiang and get acquainted with the customs of the people presently living in the vast region.

How to Get to Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar?

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Take bus line 61, 70, 104, 301, 308, 310, 911, 920, or 923, and get off at He Ping Nan Lu; the bazaar is on your western side. Or take bus line 10, 16, 21, 63, or 912, get off at Erdao Qiao Station, and walk eastward for 150 meters to the Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar.

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